features June 14, 2021 New horizons for Blade Aviation

With new owners, new aircraft, and a new business direction, exciting times lie ahead for Blade Aviation, formerly known as Heli Muskoka.

features June 3, 2021 Understanding ‘The Dead Man’s Curve’

There’s never a good time for an engine failure, but limiting your time in the “avoid” area of the height-velocity diagram increases your chances of a safe escape.

features May 28, 2021 The Amaris Process

Amaris Premium Aviation has brought the ceramic coating process from the car world to aviation, but with an innovative twist. Its nano ceramic coating technology creates “super surfaces” to improve overall aircraft longevity, performance, safety, and appearance.

features May 20, 2021 Atlantic Destiny

U.S. Coast Guard and RCAF helicopter crews rescued more than two dozen fishermen from a sinking vessel on a stormy North Atlantic night.

features May 4, 2021 Eyes in the Sky

Modern EO/IR sensors have changed the way airborne law enforcement missions are performed, in some cases outshining the helicopters that carry them.

features May 3, 2021 RTE and Airtelis: The French Hotline

RTE’s helicopter division and its subsidiary Airtelis work on the cutting edge of helicopter operations supporting powerline management and maintenance.