Ghost over the battlefield

Stepping on the battlefield with the Ghost 4 will be like moving from MapQuest in 2001 to Google Maps today. The Ghost 4 with its AI Lattice system will provide a near-perfect battlefield understanding at the speed of need for the warfighter.

By Brent Bergan | September 22, 2022
Flight of the Firehawk in Ventura County

After 50 years of service, Ventura County’s Aviation Unit has expanded its versatile fleet for the challenges of its distinct mission profile.

By Scott Dworkin | September 19, 2022
Underwater escape: HUET best practices

When a helicopter ditches in water, it will likely roll over. Training for how to safely egress amidst the confusion and debris will save lives.

By Mario Pierobon | August 30, 2022
Reject or Continue? Understanding Category A Performance

We look at the military/civil divide over Category A certification, and why military pilots could benefit from a greater understanding of it when it comes to power failure during takeoff and landing.

By KP Sanjeev Kumar | August 29, 2022