features May 26, 2022 Behind the scenes at Ice Helicopters

When Martin Varley returned to private flying in 2019, he was dismayed with what he found. So he decided to build the flying school that he wished he’d had.

features May 20, 2022 PMA takes its place

Once shunned, PMA parts have become an integral part of the helicopter product support landscape.

features May 18, 2022 New ways to Fly Neighborly

It’s not just about flying higher. HAI has enhanced its Fly Neighborly training with practical advice for pilots based on the latest research.

features May 12, 2022 The U.S. Army’s first helicopter

The de Bothezat helicopter was a landmark aircraft for many reasons — not least because it was the U.S. Army’s first attempt at bringing rotary-wing flight into its arsenal.

features May 9, 2022 Flying in Paradise: CalvinAir Helicopters

CalvinAir Helicopters has brought rotary-wing support back to the Caribbean island of Antigua, and provides a first-class service with two VIP Airbus EC130 B4s.

features May 3, 2022 Weather in the cockpit

We look at the weather information sources available to pilots in-flight — and find out what the future may bring.

features April 22, 2022 Nelson Bentley: The pioneering utility pilot

American-born Nelson Bentley joined the helicopter industry at its very beginning. He became a legend north of the border for his work flying in the most remote regions of Canada.