features August 16, 2022 B.Y.O.H.: An indescribable adventure

This summer we joined four Instagram influencers on the camping trip of a lifetime in the first-ever Vertical Magazine Bring Your Own Heli event.

features August 11, 2022 The lifesaving legacy of Commander Stewart Graham

Stewart Graham helped pioneer many aspects of rotary-wing flight during his 24 years of service in the USCG, becoming the first living USCG aviator to be inducted into the Coast Guard Aviation Hall of Fame.

features July 25, 2022 Leading Helicopter Academies discuss groundbreaking network agreement

Helicopter training schools can offer a bewildering array of courses for the novice pilot, which can only add to the stress of learning to fly. The recently-launched Leading Helicopter Academies network hopes to simplify the process and enhance student opportunities.

features July 12, 2022 Avoiding IIMC

Rather than discuss what we should do if we ever find ourselves in inadvertent or unintended IMC, we should focus on how to make sure we never find ourselves in that situation in the first place.

features June 29, 2022 Capitol Helicopters discusses its remarkable growth

If California were a country, the UN estimates it would have the fifth largest economy in the world. Building and protecting its infrastructure and industry is a vital task, and Capitol Helicopters has thrown itself into this work.

features June 20, 2022 Subaru Bell’s new pickup: the 412EPX

The 412EPX is the latest iteration of the storied 412 product line, created through a collaboration between Bell and Subaru. We got behind the controls to find out what’s new.

features June 14, 2022 Airbus ponders withdrawal of type certificate for Lama

Airbus Helicopters is considering the withdrawal of type certificates for the nimble Lama helicopter and its Alouette predecessor. But, while fleet numbers are small, loyal operators of the type say there is still nothing like a Lama when it comes to mountain operations.