features May 4, 2021 Eyes in the Sky

Modern EO/IR sensors have changed the way airborne law enforcement missions are performed, in some cases outshining the helicopters that carry them.

features May 3, 2021 RTE and Airtelis: The French Hotline

RTE’s helicopter division and its subsidiary Airtelis work on the cutting edge of helicopter operations supporting powerline management and maintenance.

features April 28, 2021 Sharing the Experience: @iflyheli’s new Airbus H130

York Galland has become one of the most recognizable faces of the helicopter industry through his @iflyheli Instagram account. In February, a new presence appeared in his photos and videos — a heavily-customized Airbus H130.

features April 22, 2021 Heavy Haulers

An extended visit with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH) 462 highlights the lifting capacity of the “Screw Crew” CH-53E Super Stallions.

features April 15, 2021 The RCMP’s New Truck

The RCMP’s new Airbus H145 is a high-powered utility vehicle used for everything from mountaintop infrastructure repair to law enforcement and search-and-rescue.

features April 15, 2021 Learning Experience: The story of Hields Aviation

Robert Hields didn’t see a helicopter first-hand until he was 34, but when he did, it was love at first sight. He made a leap of faith to begin a new career with Hields Aviation, which has now been training helicopter pilots for more than 30 years.