Flying with the Atlantic Merlins

We go behind the scenes with the Portuguese Air Force's Esquadra 751, which has search-and-rescue responsibility for an enormous segment of the Atlantic Ocean.

By Davide Daverio | January 12, 2023
French armed forces wave goodbye to the Alouette

Following the withdrawal of the last Alouette III, a considerable page is being turned not only for the French Navy, but also for all the French armed forces. Despite a light and airy name, the Alouette III has been a heavyweight in French military aviation.

By Frédéric Lert | January 9, 2023
Bellavia: A good name in Athens

Bellavia has set the trend for Greek helicopter operations since 1992, and has navigated turbulent economic waters by diversifying its operation.

By Jon Duke | December 20, 2022
Riding the wave: Airbus Helicopters, Inc.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. — the OEM’s U.S. subsidiary — is seeing levels of demand for its products that haven’t been reached since 2012. Romain Trapp, the company’s president, tells us how it rode out the pandemic and predicts an even better 2023.

By Oliver Johnson | December 13, 2022
Everything was perfect — until it wasn’t

The flight crew at Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance share lessons learned from a near wire strike in 2021 that nearly cast a shadow over the unit’s 40-year accident-free safety record.

By Jen Nevans | December 12, 2022