features July 14, 2020 Understanding helicopter performance

In 2011, 19 lives were lost when a Mil Mi-172 crashed on approach to a helipad 
in a mountainous part of northeast India. The resulting investigation posed 
some troubling questions.

features July 6, 2020 Ecocopter: Coloring the sky

Ecocopter may have one of the most eye-catching fleets in the world, but the Chilean operator has greater ambitions than simply showing off spectacular liveries.

features July 2, 2020 NHV: Shaking up the offshore market

Belgian operator NHV staked its future on North Sea oil production in 1997 and has grown ever since, even as the market it serves has contracted.

features June 25, 2020 A weekend with Air Rescue Austria

In the mountains that span the Austro-German border, Air Rescue Austria does some heavy hoisting with its Airbus H145, serving as a mountain-rescue medical unit in high-alpine terrain.

features June 16, 2020 Flying through the pandemic

How helicopter operators are adapting their work and their workplaces to adjust to the new reality of living through a pandemic.

features June 15, 2020 Alpine Aerotech: MRO masters

Celebrating 30 years of business in 2020, Alpine Aerotech evolved from a small shop to a booming MRO that provides almost every type of helicopter service.

features June 11, 2020 Watchful and loyal: The Irish Air Corps

Starting out as a dedicated SAR unit, the Irish Air Corps Helicopter Wing has grown into air medical and air support roles to protect and serve surrounding communities, all while facing Ireland’s ever-changing weather.