features August 5, 2021 The First Executive Helicopter

When Bell created the Model 47H, it was targeting what it thought to be a huge, untapped market for executive transport — but only 33 of the groundbreaking aircraft were ever sold.

features July 14, 2021 Fueling Change: Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) has been around for over a decade, but the rotary-wing world is only now becoming enthusiastic about its promise to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We look at what it is, how you can find it, and the benefits it can provide.

features June 28, 2021 To the ends of the Earth with the OceanXplorer

The OceanXplorer, one of the most technologically advanced vessels ever created, takes scientists and filmmakers to the most remote waters in the world. The ship’s onboard helicopter allows them to venture even further.

features June 22, 2021 Mosquito control in the Florida Keys

Without the work of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, the tropical region would be close to unlivable due to mosquitoes. With two new Airbus H125s, the unit is well-placed to continue its vital role of keeping the region healthy and its economy thriving.

features June 17, 2021 The Sheriff’s new ride

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has taken delivery of the newly-upgraded Robinson R66 Police Helicopter — complete with the Wescam MX-10.