UAE launches first smartphone app for search-and-rescue

Emirates News Agency Press Release | March 4, 2020

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The National Search and Rescue Centre (NSRC) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched a smartphone application at a search-and-rescue conference in Abu Dhabi on March 3, as part of the UAE’s efforts to provide speedier emergency responses.

A Leonardo AW139 search-and-rescue helicopter on display at the National Search and Rescue Forum in Abu Dhabi, where a new search-and-rescue app was introduced that allows users to request help to anywhere in the UAE. NSRC Photo

Through the app, the first of its kind in the Arab World, people can request help to anywhere in the country.

The two-day National Search and Rescue Forum was organized by the NSRC, and was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre under the slogan, “Exploring the Future of Search and Rescue in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.” The conference was attended by strategic partners and companies specializing in search-and-rescue.

In his opening speech, MGen Stephen A. Toumajan, general manager, NSRC, said that organizing the conference and its accompanying exhibition is part of the preparations for the country’s 50th anniversary, adding that the center has an ambitious vision to explore the future and consolidate a culture of excellence, to make the UAE among the world’s leading countries in terms of competitiveness and overall development.

“The center seeks through the organisation of this conference to achieve its vision to be an example to be followed internationally in the speed of response and operational readiness for search-and-rescue by harnessing the latest resources.

“The technology and communications available, as this conference is an ideal platform for meeting minds and exchanging experiences and achieving joint cooperation in order to anticipate the future and devising the best ways and solutions in managing search-and-rescue operations in the country,” he said.

He further added that the conference was organized with the guidance of the UAE’s leadership on the importance of preparing for challenges, looking ahead to the future, and harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technological tools to serve humanity, as well as to support the community and national economy, and ensure the future for the next generations.

The conference’s participants toured the exhibition and viewed the Leonardo AW139 search-and-rescue helicopter, along with the latest equipment and techniques used in search-and-rescue.

The helicopter is designed to carry out various search-and-rescue missions, work around the clock and travel to any part of the UAE from bases scattered throughout the country at speeds of over 140 knots.

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