features April 21, 2022 Power Players: Haverfield Aviation

Haverfield Aviation helped master the technique of using helicopters to maintain live power lines. Almost 40 years later, bolstered by the addition of a Black Hawk to its fleet of MD 500s, it continues to help set the standard in this demanding sector.

features March 23, 2022 Return of the Red Bull Cobra

After a multi-year hiatus, a Bell AH-1 Cobra has been restored to Red Bull’s helicopter collection. We paid a visit to the Flying Bulls in Austria to check it out.

features March 17, 2022 Helicopter offshore sector begins slow ascent

The offshore helicopter industry has endured a long and highly publicized downturn, but with a consolidated playing field and rising oil prices, is it finally set for a re-emergence?

features March 4, 2022 The Direct approach

For almost 20 years, Direct Helicopter International has specialized in shipping helicopters to new owners around the world. It’s a hyper-specialized niche, but one that has delivered over 2,500 aircraft to new owners.

features February 24, 2022 All out effort

When historic rainfall hit western Canada last fall, CH-149 Cormorant aircrews evacuated over 300 stranded motorists trapped by mudslides on a flooded highway.

features February 21, 2022 Jerry Trimble Helicopters: A passion for instruction

Jerry Trimble has proven to be master of all trades in his long and storied career in aviation. But flight instruction has always been his passion, and it’s clearly reflected in the caring, family-style atmosphere at Jerry Trimble Helicopters.