features September 27, 2021 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

In the years following the Second World War, newly-formed helicopter manufacturers created a raft of new designs they hoped would take the world by storm. This is the story of three such aircraft that never made it to full-scale production.

features September 23, 2021 Common Comms

Streamlined, standardized communication is essential for high-risk search-and-rescue operations.

features September 16, 2021 A Canadian Classic

A California museum is giving new wings to an old tandem-rotor helicopter famous for a 1954 Royal Canadian Navy rescue.

features August 26, 2021 A Heavy Lift

With decades of service left, the U.S. Army is weighing upgrades to the CH-47F against other modernization priorities.

features August 19, 2021 How the F-28 was the fulfilment of Rudy Enstrom’s long-held dream

Rudy J. Enstrom had no background in aviation, but had a burning desire to build his own helicopter. It was a long and arduous path, and it would be more than 20 years before the company that bore his name would gain type certification for its first production aircraft — the Enstrom F-28. This is his story.

features August 10, 2021 Mapping the Himalayan foothills by helicopter

Last year, Indian company Himalayan Heli Services completed a landmark project, as it became the first helicopter operator to complete a lidar survey of the remote Ladakh region.