features September 8, 2020 Building on Success: 5 State Helicopters

Texas-based 5 State Helicopters has established itself as a leading figure in the aerial construction business, with a fleet growing beyond its instantly-recognizable S-58Ts.

features July 30, 2020 Can a helicopter fly on Mars?

With launch of the Mars 2020 spacecraft, the first aircraft to attempt powered flight on another world is now making its way to the Red Planet. And it’s a helicopter.

features July 27, 2020 Tropic wonder: Kenya’s Tropic Air

Kenya’s Tropic Air has developed an outsized reputation for its spectacular heli-safaris, which offer clients some truly unique experiences.

features July 24, 2020 Keeping track: TracPlus Global

With its tracking and communications software, New Zealand-based TracPlus Global has changed the way helicopter operators work.