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Flying with ICARUS

ICARUS view-limiting devices have become a game-changing training tool to help pilots recover from inadvertent entry into instrument meteorological conditions.

By Brent Bundy | October 3, 2023


Aircraft Procurement: Vision and champion

In the first of a new series of articles on aircraft procurement for public safety agencies, Lee Benson talks about the importance of mapping out the future of your operation.

By Lee Benson | September 20, 2023
The Higgins Helicopter

Andrew Higgins secured a lasting legacy through the contribution his landing craft made to the Allies’ success in the Second World War — but he also attempted to join the fledgling helicopter industry in the 1940s.

By Bob Petite | September 1, 2023


Beta Technologies: Building a Beta Future

There’s a lot of engineering that goes on behind the doors of Vermont-based Beta Technologies. But the eVTOL developer is now starting a new chapter, as it gets ready to move from R&D to manufacturing.

By Jen Nevans | August 28, 2023