SkyNet Aviation launches operational management solution for mid-tier fleets

SkyNet Aviation Press Release | May 7, 2021

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Following extensive research and development investment over several years at its Australian headquarters, SkyNet Aviation, the leading global specialist in mid-size fleet aviation technology solutions, has announced the launch of the world’s first dynamic, flight operational software and analytics solution. Anticipated to change the way operational control centers (OCC) function, the REACH Aero solution can provide real-time data coherence across every aircraft, all locations and any system within an aviation company, with significant cost reduction potential and easily accessible data analytics, enabling CEOs and CFOs to make effective, real-time business decisions and plan for profitable growth. 

As the aviation industry plans for its post-COVID-19 future, REACH Aero addresses many of the key issues faced by mid-tier fleets – and will also be of considerable interest to new outfits setting up without an OCC legacy – providing them with the operational tools and capabilities normally only available to major airlines.

What it Does – REACH Aero Day of Operations 

REACH Aero Day Of Operations is a clear, comprehensive and integrated picture of present flight, business, staffing, compliance and engineering conditions. It works by networking live data to industry-leading specialist applications and then cross-referencing the outputs against to-the-second aircraft tracking, presenting the data onto a single, easy-to-interpret ‘pane-of-glass’ display. It also enables decision makers to predict the consequences of various responses to an issue by testing the system’s inputs and then modelling the outcomes.

There are eight major aspects of aviation operations under the REACH Aero Day of Operations umbrella:

  • Flight Monitoring;
  • Flight Scheduling, Crewing & Rostering;
  • Flight Dispatch;
  • Critical Weather;
  • Fleet Management Business Analytics;
  • On-time Performance & Turnaround Reporting;
  • Flight Information Display System;
  • Engineering Planning Support.

“Effective and efficient aircraft fleet management boils down to making the right decisions, at the right time, using the right information,” explains SkyNet Aviation’s CEO, Jon Davis. “We’ve been evolving REACH Aero for some time and the product we are launching today is the world’s only holistic, enterprise-grade operations solution that integrates an air fleet’s entire data, tracking and business intelligence posture onto a single ‘pane-of-glass’ display.

“Mid-tier aviation companies usually depend on a unique mix of software, systems and admin routines. They’ve typically been adopted reactively, over time, and the end result is a mix-and-match of systems and processes. This assemblage of systems may be working well enough, but the conflicts and compromises involved will prevent a company in stepping up on safety, capacity or scale, or adapting to changing market conditions. There’s been no way to overcome this without scrapping existing systems and spending considerable amounts on software that solves individual parts of the operational puzzle in isolation. Until now, the all-encompassing flight ops solutions available only make economic sense for fleets that are 10 or 100 times the size of a mid-tier outfit.

“As mid-tier fleet specialists we’ve developed Reach Aero to not only work with an OCC’s existing software platforms but to also increase the functionality of their current software.”

SkyNet Aviation has partnered with four global aviation organizations whose products are integrated directly within SkyNet Aviation’s Day of Operations platform:

Air Maestro: Developed by Avinet, Air Maestro is a cloud-based software solution that enables administration, flight and technical staff to take charge of their responsibilities and achieve compliance through the management of fatigue, timesheets, rostering, training, operations and safety.

DTN: DTN’s specialist aviation weather tracking, monitoring and forecasting is trusted by leading aviation companies to keep their operations on track. Ranked as the “world’s most accurate weather provider” for the past 10 years

ForeFlight: ForeFlight’s dispatch platform provides powerful web and mobile capabilities, delivering next-generation, multi-user flight planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, flight logging, synthetic vision.

Uplift Logistics: Uplift is a developer of world-leading flight reservation solutions specifically for the FIFO, corporate/remote workforce travel and charter sectors. Through simplifying, integrating and automating reservations processes in line with operational requirements, it offers consolidated systems that provide complete control, security and visibility.

This press release was prepared and distributed by SkyNet Aviation.

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