Dovair Aviation purchases Far Start Technologies

Tanis Aircraft Products Press Release | August 13, 2019

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Dovair Aviation, Inc., the parent company of Tanis Aircraft Products, has announced the purchase Far Start Technologies (FST LLC).

Carl Bumpurs, CEO and founder of FST LLC, said: “FST was built on the bedrock principles of customer service and product reliability. When thinking of a company that would not only continue this tradition but also expand the FST product line and be able to deliver an even higher level of service and reliability, only Tanis Aircraft Products came to mind. I called up Doug Evink the owner of Dovair Aviation, Inc. and in a short period of time a very favorable purchase agreement was completed.”

FST began developing its Remote Switches in 2009 and had operating prototypes on Alpha test by January 2010. Documented load and functional tests were conducted throughout 2010. Field testing also suggested that the products were suited to other applications, such as agriculture, industry and construction. In the course of testing, the REGAL WDR was subjected to hundreds of actuations, by phone call and text, with loads at or above the design wattage.

Test users were delighted with the reliability and performance of the Beta units and purchased their test units. Their feedback was essential in making the products market ready. Production units were delivered to customers in the fall of 2011.

FST Cell Maintenance Service (CMS) was made available to new and existing REGAL owners in 2013. CMS relieves customers from managing their REGAL Cell accounts. A single annual fee provides economical cell service without monitoring by the user. All products are individually hand assembled and tested with representative electrical loads. FST LLC is the sole provider of service and warranty for its products.

Doug Evink, Dovair Aviation’s CEO, said: “We are excited to add Far Start Technologies to our Dovair Aviation family. Each year for the last several years we tested all available sim card type devices available in the marketplace and FST’s products were always proving to be the best available products; we recommended the products to our large customer base. I was delighted to receive the phone call from Carl asking my interest in the purchasing FST LLC. Our products fit together like a hand and glove. We completed the transaction and have moved the administration and manufacturing of all FST LLC’s products into our Blaine, Minnesota, location. We are ready to support all of FST’s customers and will be ready to start shipping out product to new customers as early as the middle of August.

“Since starting our business in 1974, we were the first to develop engine-mounted preheat systems for piston engines, first to offer helicopter precondition, first to offer turbine preconditioning, and the first and only company to meet the rigorous requirements for FAA supplement type certification.”

Tanis Preheat Systems have been tested in the harshest climates available including Siberia, the South and North Poles, and throughout the Arctic.

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