Avionics Technician

AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corporation

Avionics | : Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

Carries out manual installation of extremely complex items of equipment, using the necessary tools, even when complete technical documentation is unavailable, as in the case of new or experimental installations. Operates in a fully autonomous manner to high levels of precision and quality (reduced levels of non-conformity), in all the various assembly stations. Has excellent problem-solving skills and provides active and practical assistance to his team leader in identifying technical solutions and identifying possible product and process improvements. Highly flexible (may move from one product line to another and achieve a high level of autonomy following a brief period of training and product familiarisation). Capable of adapting to different technological areas of specialization (able to move from one technological area to another ndash; mechanical or structural, for example) and/or supplement his/her main area of activity with skills of another nature.

Manual installation of equipment ranging from simple to highly complex, using the necessary tools and assembly and control schedules for consolidated activity cycles, working from the stations on the assembly line or in the subgroup fitting area (pre-assembly of components off line to supply the moving assembly line). Knowledge from elementary to in-depth levels of all the technical documentation required to carry out the operations is necessary.
The following may be required from category 4 onwards:

Testing and approval testing of assemblies (such as electrical ATP on radio equipment, avionics testing, DITMCO);
Support and training for colleagues
Interfacing with other units of the division (production engineering, logistics, quality).

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