Whiskey Wednesday! US #AirForce CSAR CTF HH-60W. #Aviation #Helicopter
Brim #aviation transfer #boat #pilots in one of the world’s most challenging stretches of water!
Navigating the Graveyard of the Pacific: Flying with Columbia River bar pilots
Landing helicopters on water
Landing helicopters on water in Florida with HMC Helicopters
Introducing the NEW UH-60 Black Hawk with Ace Aeronautics
Airbus H145 vs Wildfires: Hillsboro’s brand new Aerial Firefighter
Inside the helicopter that will modernize the way we fight fires
Recently we visited the #Finnish #Army NH90TTH unit in Utti, #Finland #VerticalMag #Aviation
Get ready for a new adventure every week!
Sneak peak from our week with the CSAR CTF at Nellis AFB, Nevada. #Helicopter #Aviation #Pilot
Airbus H145 – The Evolution of Aerial Firefighting?
For the Spring Issue we visited Leon County Sheriff’s Office #Aviation Unit! #Helicopter
The Airbus Racer Demonstrator takes its first flight
From helicopter rescues to SWAT ops: Inside Leon County Sheriff's Aviation Unit
METRO AVIATION | Ever wondered what goes into installing a helicopter interior for saving lives?
Flying the powerful Airbus H145 with Ecocopter
Hillsboro Aviation Airbus H145 Fire/Utility Helicopter Walkaround
Flying over Costa Rica with @Aerotourcr
Flying over the Hawaiian islands with @airmaui
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