Wisk’s First Piloted eVTOL Transition

Newly released footage from Wisk Aero shows its third-generation eVTOL prototype making its first transitions between hovering and wing-borne flight with an onboard pilot. The landmark flight by Wisk predecessor Zee Aero took place in Northern California on Aug. 28, 2017, with Wisk’s current chief test pilot, RJ Schreiner, at the controls. Full transitions between hovering and wing-borne flight are aerodynamically challenging. This was the first eVTOL flight to achieve the milestone with a human pilot at the controls, earning Zee Aero a 2017 nomination for the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy. Wisk, which has subsequently focused on developing autonomous aircraft, plans to share additional behind-the-scenes videos of its eVTOL development programs as part of a new “Generation of Milestones” campaign.

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  1. Nice, but I think you need a better design for the passenger compartment.
    Think helicopter bubble in front… and fan closer to the center of the wing.
    Looks pretty cool to fly, I’m a helicopter and fixed wing pilot that first flew the V22 sim at NATC Pax River MD back in 1989.

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