Wisconsin Army National Guard Firefighting

Scenes from the Wisconsin Army National Guard's firefighting activities in California. The "Badgers" sent two teams of UH-60M Black Hawks to the state in early September 2020; since then, they have been assisting the California Army National Guard with water dropping on the Creek Fire and SQF Complex Fire in Central California. The exercise has been helpful for Wisconsin Army National Guard crews, too, giving them valuable operational experience and insights. "The opportunity to come out here and fly at near to maximum gross weight conditions . . . then you add a long line on top of that, with the fire bucket hanging out of the bottom, and the technical type of dips that we've been doing out here to put water onto the fire, that's not something we can produce at home," explained CW3 Andrew Wickland, a pilot-in-command with the 147th Aviation Regiment, 64th Troop Command. Also featured in this video are Chief Warrant Officer 4 Mike Tomblin, 147th pilot in command; Sgt Bryson Kamps, 147th crew chief; and Sgt. Zachary Hoy, 147th crew chief. (U.S. Army National Guard video by Staff Sgt. Eddie Siguenza)

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