Watch YASA founder Tim Woolmer share Evolito’s journey toward all-electric flight

Tim Woolmer, chief technology officer and founder of YASA and director of Evolito, invented the company’s core electric motor technology based on the axial-flux approach.

Founded in 2009, YASA is primarily focused on developing motors for automotive use. Evolito was previously spun out by YASA to speed electrification in the aerospace market with high performance, low weight electric motors.

According to Evolito, its axial-flux technology offers a range of benefits over radial electric motor technology, including higher power and torque densities. The company previously told that the eVTOL market is a key target for Evolito.

Evolito recently acquired battery developer Electroflight — a move that the company believes will allow it to deliver a full powertrain solution for the electric aviation industry, including future eVTOL developers.

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