Martine Rothblatt Flies Beta’s Alia

Martine Rothblatt, CEO of the biotechnology company United Therapeutics, is a launch customer for Beta Technologies' Alia eVTOL. She's also an accomplished pilot who recently joined Beta founder Kyle Clark for a test flight in Alia in airplane mode. "You're not fighting a machine through the air," Rothblatt said in describing the experience. "Instead, you're almost like surfing the air. . . . Can life get any better than this?"

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  1. Congrats to Martine, Kyle, and the BETA team! This is the first video I have seen of executives flying in an eVTOL. It’s hard to comprehend the amount of engineering that it took to get to this point. Way to savor the moment!

  2. I couldn’t help but notice that the video doesn’t show the vertical take off and landing of the craft. My assumption is that the craft isn’t ready for that yet as it could be seen that the plane did not have the 4 rotors for takeoff and landing. I’ll be more exited when it becomes more than just a plane. Keep up the good work.

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