Jetson ONE personal eVTOL takes flight

Swedish startup Jetson has released extensive new in-flight footage of its Jetson ONE, a personal eVTOL it plans to make available as a kit for home-building starting next year. Built around a rigid aluminium spaceframe with eight electric motors, the aircraft will have an endurance of around 20 minutes and a software-limited top speed of 102 kilometers per hour (63 miles per hour). The Jetson website advertises a starting price of US$92,000. “Our mission is to make flight available to everyone,” said Jetson president Peter Ternström, who co-founded the company with Tomasz Patan in 2017. Patan, who is the company’s chief technical officer, described the Jetson ONE as “a dream to fly.” This footage was recorded in Poland. 

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  1. Very cool! I’ve always wanted to build a vehicle very similar to this but haven’t had the time. Now a kit sounds great but when the CEO says they want to make them affordable to everyone then perhaps the CEO can think in terms of most people can’t afford a 100k for a kit. Sure maybe a new mortgage on the house might do it, but who wants to spend that much when you can buy an ultra light and use electric motors on it for about 80% cheaper… Maybe think in terms of the average guy? If you want to make it available for everyone, and not just the top 5%.
    I’m just saying… If your doing kits then sell them without motors or batteries as some people know how to do that kind of work themselves

  2. Something weird going on here. Try contacting the company, via email or telephone and you will receive no reply and phone line will disconnect you without answer. Talking from personal experience, 6 emails 4 phone calls and 5 weeks of trying to no avail!

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