CycloTech First Flight

Last week at the DroneX Trade Show and Conference in London, the Austrian startup CycloTech unveiled footage of the first flight of its technology demonstrator. The company's "CycloRotor" propulsion system is based on the Voith Schneider Propeller design, which has been used in maritime applications for decades. CycloTech believes it could be used to create compact, maneuverable small drones and air taxis. “With this free flight, we have succeeded in taking an important step towards commercializing this technology,” said CycloTech CEO Hans-Georg Kinsky. “We have proven the capability of this propulsion system.” The company said it expects to receive significant funding from a private investor within the next month to continue its research and development efforts. 

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    1. That may be the case, but they didn’t have the dramatic music so it doesn’t count 😉

  1. Jedes System das einen vertikalen Start oder Landung möglich macht nur Sinn, wenn es sich nach dem Start zum aerodynamischen System wandelt. Die Idee ist nicht zu Ende gedacht…weiter denken, sonst wird das nur eine
    weitere Energievernichtungsmaschine.

  2. a criticare e sminuire è facile. io gli farei i complimenti e basta a questi giovani. Anzi gli auguro di fare un sacco di prodotti e di soldi. non vedo l’ora di collaudare un’auto volante.

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