Chopperguy: Huey Flight

In the first episode of a new YouTube series, "Chopperguy" Bruce Haffner flies a restored 1967 Bell Huey helicopter along with U.S. Army veterans John Sorenson and Tom Egleston, who flew the exact same aircraft in Vietnam. Recalling his experiences with “Huey 238," Sorenson tells Haffner: “Oddly enough, one of the best years of my life, and I say that not because of the flying, but because of the people that I was able to fly with. We’d be out on the flight line every morning pre-flighting the aircraft, and you’d look around and you knew those 19-year-olds would put their life on the line for you every single day. The comforting part is I would do that for them also.”

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  1. This is exciting !! I am a 63 year old non pilot (regrettably) who, as a professional cameraman, has been many a time hanging on the skids; please keep this series going, I Loved this, you Mr. Chopperguy and the respect and honor these true hero veteran pilots,
    thanks so much

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