Bellwether’s free flight reveal of half-scale Volar eVTOL aircraft

U.K.-based Bellwether Industries has released footage of its first flight test with a half-scale prototype of its Volar eVTOL aircraft. The flight test took place in Dubai in November 2021 where the Volar flew at an altitude of 13 feet (four meters) and speed of 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour). Bellwether said its flight test is the beginning of a series of development projects to improve the prototype. It is currently working on the next iteration of the Volar eVTOL aircraft, and securing partnerships.

Bellwether is aiming to develop a private urban aircraft with a hidden propulsion system for intracity travel. The eVTOL developer said the final full-scale model will be able to carry four to five people, cruise at altitudes of up 3,000 feet (915 meters), and speeds of up to 220 km/h (135 mph).

Releasing the flight test footage closes the loop on the company’s announcement last month that it had graduated from a year of indoor tethered flights to complete its first flight test in Dubai. The company’s eVTOL design garnered significant attention from the public in a short period of time, making Bellwether one of’s top read stories of 2021.

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    1. I was wondering how are they going to balance the weight inside? Are passengers gonna weight the same? The way we’ve been able to control weight in the air is with wings and propellers nothing has been accomplished having the weight and the blades to close together. This things will tip really easy. The best thing we can do it the helicopter in the movie AVATAR those made more sense!

      1. I assume balance and stability issues can be easily compensated by micro-processor controls.
        (As with many Terrestrial Vehicles; *See: Formula One!).
        The main Centre of gravity is near the passenger area, like most ordinary cars;
        (i.e.) In the middle of the: “Craft”!
        All modern; ‘Performance’, Aircrafts have Integrated Microprocessors Built in for a Myriad Of Reasons and Areas. And many have deliberately “unbalanced” Body-Shapes.
        (See: Canards and so on….)
        Welcome to the third-decade of the 21. St Century….
        Bellwether is the most refined and serious contention I have the pleasure to witness so far in terms of modern Volar VTOL aircrafts modelling. Keep-up the good work!
        Rome wasn’t built in a day…..Nor will a highly refined Flying Car!

    1. Excellent point. Makes me wonder whether this .5-scale unit had the flight software or was strictly RC.
      In the former case, they obviously need 1) a lot of stability work and 2) to optimize the aerodynamic profile for the reason you point out.
      In the latter, I fear that this might ultimately be vaporware, showing off a hella-sexy airframe for investor attention but not really planning on a flight ready, crew-capable article.

  1. If it Looks Good- it will fly well…. this has that Billion $ look!!! Well done guys, it’s beautiful!

  2. Excellent work, flies good for starters, but of course we know that some work is needed to improve its flight characteristics. We all start somewhere, and this is a great start. I am very excited about this new aviation flight technology coming to light and being developed. Wish I was a part of it, this is some very cool stuff with a promising future.

    I believe that Dallas Texas was also going to become a test bed for commuter flights from The Colony TX (Nebraska Furniture Mart area) to the nearby airports.

  3. Yes, it is beautiful but in good design, form follows function and so all it needs is rotating fans to push backward so the body then can remain level into the wind with no negative lift.

  4. What concerns me is when these types of aircraft are available to everyone how are our skies going to be?
    Will there be pilot license testing? What governing bodies are going to provide the regulations?
    Personally I wouldn’t like to be up in the air with people who have no business being up there.

  5. Interesting and bold design!
    For my taste too many design elements without actual fuctionality (weight /drag).
    Like the hidden fans. I am curious how they will compare in terms of efficiency and noise to other open rotor designs.

  6. Instabile, non compatibile con sicurezza e operatività, se cade un coso di questi uccide sia chi trasporta sia chi lo ha in testa. Per favore qui non c’è nulla di davvero innovativo.

  7. I have a idea for the weight balance technology , they should make seats that sensor to ditermine the passages weight and allocate their position of seating according to weight to make good balance. I have more ideas for the company that they would add .
    They have to invest in my ideas by contacting me directly.

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