Vahana’s Final Flight

Airbus performed the final flight of its tilt-wing eVTOL demonstrator Vahana on Nov. 14, 2019. Over the course of 138 test flights in Pendleton, Oregon, Vahana logged 487 nautical miles (903 km) and over 13 hours of flight time. Lessons learned from Vahana and the multi-rotor CityAirbus demonstrator will inform the design of the company’s next eVTOL aircraft. “While I can’t give a date for when you can expect to see the next Airbus electric vertical takeoff vehicle, I can tell you the design has already been worked on over the past year,” wrote Airbus VP of urban air mobility Zach Lovering in a blog post. “We’re focused on ensuring the right vehicle is being architected in terms of market fit, cost, noise, value to communities, safety, etc.”

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