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Spidertracks: Partner with the right provider

Sponsored Content | May 28, 2024

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This sponsored article was developed by Insight magazine, the sponsored content division of MHM Publishing, on behalf of Spidertracks.

Whether you’re in peak or off-season for aerial firefighting, it’s important to ensure you and your team stay up to date with local mandates and regulatory compliance, and that your pilots continue to fly safely, distraction-free.

Technology now allows our industry to easily access mission-critical information, which was previously unattainable. Aviators can accurately and securely store this data, transmit in real-time, and utilize this information to make proactive safety decisions and mitigate future risks.

This also has a knock-on effect, where there are now many solutions available in the market providing this service. Now, the decision isn’t whether to choose a solution; it’s deciding which solution is best suited for your operation and will be the most efficient for you and your team.

Key considerations in choosing the right solution provider include the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing providers, customize the software, connect in real-time to remote areas where cellular coverage is limited, and record, transmit and report on firefighting event data, such as real-time aircraft positions, tank/bucket fill and gallons filled.

Future-proofing the longevity of your chosen solution is also a key factor. Managing pilot scheduling, flight records, log books, timesheets, incident/accident reporting, and hazard/risk registers are just some of the valuable information businesses need to track.

One of these solution providers is Spidertracks, which has three core integration partners that are compliant, operationally viable, and allow aerial firefighters around the world to effectively suppress fires while capturing all information required for local authorities.

Spidertracks’ all-in-one software and hardware solution seamlessly integrates with its partners, as well as allows for external integrations via its automated flight following (AFF) feed. This ensures teams are able to capture all critical data automatically and report accurately, which enables pilots to fly distraction-free.

Recently, Spidertracks merged with software solution Air Maestro, enabling operators to have a one-stop option for real-time flight tracking, safety management system (SMS) and crew management. Delivering unparalleled value to the market, the unified software platform addresses critical, unserved needs in the global aviation industry.

Spidertracks has worked with customer Blackcomb Helicopters for 12 months, recently migrating its automated flight following system to Spidertracks. This resulted in immense benefits for Blackcomb’s operations.

“Spidertracks’ feature-rich software and hardware has been a game-changer for us,” said Chris Haslock, director of operations at Blackcomb. “We find the web interface remarkably user-friendly, and the mobile app takes this ease of use to the next level.”

He said the seamless communication facilitated by Spidertxt among Blackcomb’s staff has streamlined the company’s processes. Meanwhile, the mapping page provides a clear and concise overview of aircraft activity, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

“Notably, the flight Insights feature has become an invaluable asset for our operations department, offering valuable information that directly supports our Flight Operations Quality Assurance program,” Haslock said. “The capability to load and monitor various flight parameters, coupled with the alert system, has been particularly impressive, enhancing our ability to proactively manage and optimize our flight operations.”

Allow your pilots to focus on the task at hand, and partner with the right provider for your aerial firefighting needs.

To see Spidertracks’ integration partners, visit its website at

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