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VI&E solutions welcomes John Sotorp to board of directors

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Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions announced the newest addition to its board of directors, John Sotorp.

With a wealth of experience in commercial lending, business development and strategic marketing, Sotorp brings a unique perspective shaped by his global upbringing and extensive professional endeavors.

“We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have John join our board of directors. With his unparalleled expertise in international business and sustainable energy development within municipalities, he brings an invaluable asset to Volatus. His experiences and vision will undoubtedly propel us toward even greater success in our endeavors,” said Grant Fisk, VI&E Solutions CEO.

Hailing from Norway, raised in the U.S. and having resided in Latin America for over a decade, Sotorp possesses a universal outlook on cross-border business and diversification across various sectors.

Following his graduation from Washington University with a bachelor’s in business, Sotorp embarked on a distinguished career in finance, specializing in commercial lending with the renowned joint venture group, Old Stone Development Group.

Throughout his tenure, he facilitated over $50 million in real estate asset sales and spearheaded mortgage operations in Florida.

Eventually, Sotorp established his own lending group, achieving an impressive annual loan production exceeding $100 million a year until 2012, when he relocated with his family to Ecuador.

Over the past decade, Sotorp has been instrumental in advising on the disposition and acquisition of commercial real estate while representing a prominent German Renewable partner in expanding solar and

wind projects across Latin America.

His directorship at Rock Capital, a UK-based real estate fund operations, further underscores his expertise in the field. Additionally, Sotorp’s involvement in the high-end hotel market through his advisory company underscores his commitment to accessibility as a key driver in the industry.

Fluent in four languages – English, Norwegian, Spanish and German – Sotorp’s multicultural background enriches his interactions in diverse business environments.

Beyond his professional achievements, Sotorp is a devoted father to three children who are dispersed globally in the UK, New York and Ecuador.

He’s an avid tennis player, and a connoisseur cooking, reading and travel. His adventurous spirit, demonstrated through pursuits like skydiving, paragliding and windsurfing, reflects his enthusiasm for new challenges, including his upcoming venture into kite surfing.

Founded in 2021, Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions is connecting communities with eVTOL infrastructure technology to ensure society is ready for the future.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Volatus Infrastructure.

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