TEMSCO Migrating Entire Fleet to Latitude Satcom Systems

TEMSCO | February 19, 2009

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TEMSCO Helicopters, one of Alaska’s premier helicopter operators, has chosen to refit their entire fleet of over fifty small and large-payload helicopters with Latitude Technologies’ SkyNode® S200-021 voice and flight-following satcom equipment. The SkyNode S200-021 devices will be part of a full communications package being provided by Latitude to TEMSCO that also includes satellite airtime and secure network interface to and data transfer from Latitude’s LWS Sentinel location and telematics data management system.

A long-time user of satcom services to support its air fleet, TEMSCO was introduced to Latitude by Coastal Helicopters, a TEMSCO affiliate based in Juneau, Alaska. Coastal’s experience with Latitude’s robust gear, dedicated and helpful support staff, and very reasonable airtime and data service rates all combined to help TEMSCO decide to make the switch to Latitude.

The opportunity to provide TEMSCO with satcom hardware and voice and data services is the most recent success Latitude Technologies has had in serving the large and diverse commercial and general aviation and maritime sectors in Alaska. In announcing the TEMSCO contract, Latitude President, Mark Insley, observed, “Latitude has been supporting customers in Alaska and across the Arctic since the introduction of our first SkyNode satcom device.

We are very pleased to welcome TEMSCO to our growing community of customers which now stretches around the world.”


TEMSCO Helicopters Inc. is based in Ketchikan, Alaska, and operates year round from five bases in Alaska and one in Texas. TEMSCO services include precision long-line and external load operations, logging support, air support for mineral exploration and drill moves, fire control and support, forestry, animal survey and tagging, government contracting, power line construction and support, concrete pouring and pole-setting, crew transport, aerial survey, photography, expedition drop offs and support, search and rescue, medical transport, and other charter services.

About Latitude Technologies

Latitude Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is a global supplier of avionics voice and data equipment and services including the SkyNode S200-021 – the smallest, lightest, most versatile and economical to operate voice and 2-way data communication device in the world, featuring autonomous and host-polled asset positioning, sensor/event relay, and email and custom messaging interfaces.

For more information about the SkyNode S200 family of voice and 2-way data communication devices and Latitude’s satcom communications packages,


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