SPAES earns renewal of NVIS approval on Airbus H145

SPAES GmbH Press Release | July 31, 2020

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Due to the installation of new tactical radios in four different helicopters, a new night vision imaging system (NVIS) certification was required by SPAES recently. Two engineers from SPAES were at the customer’s location for the tests.

The tests were carried out at night in order to test under realistic conditions. SPAES Photo

Tactical radios were installed in the customer’s helicopters for communication between the pilots and the rescue services on the ground. With the conversion, the existing NVIS certification of the four helicopters had to be renewed. For the new certification SPAES carried out the necessary ground tests in the customer’s own hangar.

During the tests, the visibility of lighting conditions during the day and at night were checked. The light source intensity of the avionics in the cockpit with NVIS goggles switched on was examined. For the new certification it was important that the electronic components do not dazzle the pilot’s view and create no reflections when using goggles. All devices must be readable under different light intensity conditions. A luxmeter and a tri-bar chart were used for the verification. During the test the hangar was completely darkened.

“In order to be able to test under realistic conditions the tests are carried out at night. The darkening of the hangar is unsatisfactory for optimal conditions. A complete darkening of the hangar is hardly feasible due to existing light leaks,” explained Joachim Schanz, chief executive officer of SPAES.

All four tests on the helicopters were successfully carried out and completed.

“The review and the new NVIS approval ensure that there are no restrictions on the use of night vision goggles,” clarified Joachim Kies, chief operating officer of SPAES.

After completion of the tests and the finalization of approval documents a minor change was issued by SPAES.

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