Skydance Helicopters & Xtreme Drilling announce turn-key remote energy exploration services in the U.S.

Skydance Helicopters | September 11, 2006

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Longtime utility helicopter operator Skydance Helicopters of Northern Nevada, Inc. (“Skydance”) and heli-portable drilling specialists Xtreme Drilling LLC (“Xtreme”) announce an innovative ‘turn-key’ package for low-impact, remote area energy exploration.  The service package is bringing exciting results.

This summer, the joint venture obtained several significant contracts covering nearly 250 square miles in the Rocky Mountain West.  Using state of the art, fly-in drilling rigs inserted via helicopter, Skydance/Xtreme crews are busy conducting heli-portable shot-hole drilling in rugged terrain on some of the largest energy exploration projects to date.  Work is occurring in several states for a variety of clients.
“Our level of activity as well as the enthusiasm for our services from our customers has never been higher,” says Skydance Helicopters owner and veteran pilot Jeff Cain.  “Because we have a complete package combining helicopter operations and drilling, production is greatly increased.  Our energy customers are very happy with these turn-key services given our efficiency and ability to bring projects in on-budget.  We’re the top producers in America when it comes to these drilling services.” 
Demand for their heli-portable shot-hole drilling services continues to exceed expectations and Skydance/Xtreme is committed to energy exploration contracts in the U.S. for the next several years.

The two companies worked together frequently on a variety of projects in previous years, in all types of terrain.  With high-tech equipment and decades of worldwide experience in helicopter and energy exploration operations, the venture brings high-quality, fully integrated services to its clients. 

“We’ve recruited the best personnel in the business to join us which allows for the highest level of service to our customers,” says Xtreme Drilling’s Keith Burgess.  “Our shot-hole drilling operations occur regularly in some of the most adverse terrain in the U.S. and we have a proven safety record thanks to the experience of our team.”

“At a time when geo-political instability is affecting global markets, we are proud to be part of the effort to enhance our country’s energy independence,” adds Cain.  “It’s vital we sensibly develop our domestic energy reserves.  Skydance/Xtreme’s methods are proven, low-impact and highly efficient.  Our team is energized and enthusiastic about this venture, the future, and the benefits our customers as well as energy end users realize.”

Skydance Helicopters of Northern Nevada, Inc. is a 30-year provider of high-quality seismic, utility and firefighting helicopter services.  Skydance pilots average over 10,000 career flight hours and fly the dependable SA 315B Lama, one of the world’s best performing high-altitude helicopters. 

Xtreme Drilling LLC is the industry leader in heli-portable shot-hole drilling services.  Principals Mike Murray and Keith Burgess bring six decades of worldwide experience in the energy services business.  Fabricating and operating its own drilling equipment, Xtreme specializes in remote operations, providing the most efficient, safety-conscious service in the industry.

 For further information on this or other Skydance/Xtreme operations and services, log on to the companies’ websites at and

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