Simulyze’s Mission Insight successfully deployed in NASA’s first nationwide test of traffic management for UAS

Simulyze Inc. Press Release | May 3, 2016

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Simulyze Inc., a leading provider of operational intelligence (OI) technology and applications that empower both federal and commercial organizations, has announced the successful deployment of its Mission Insight OI application in support of NASA’s technical capability Level 1 testing of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on April 19. Simulyze directly supported operations at two of six UAS test sites and provided simulated flights.
Mission Insight was the only enterprise-level solution used that integrated all aspects of multiple flight operations into a single interface.
Mission Insight is a packaged, commercial off-the-shelf application that processes and analyzes large streams of data from disparate sources in real-time. Built on Simulyze’s proprietary OI platform, it provides UAS operators with a common operating picture in a customized graphical interface.
In the first and largest demonstration of its kind, NASA and operators from six Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) UAS test sites across the country flew 22 drones simultaneously during a three-hour test to assess line-of-sight, rural operations of NASA’s UAS traffic management (UTM) research platform. UAS operators at test sites in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Grand Forks, and North Dakota, used Simulyze’s Mission Insight as a workflow tool to submit flight plans, monitor aircraft status and telemetry, activate flights and transmit aircraft position data to the UTM research platform, all from a single, web-based application. 
“As the commercial UAS industry readies for take-off in the U.S., we’re proud to participate in NASA’s UAS traffic management research and demonstrate the capabilities of Mission Insight, an enterprise-level, web-based workflow, data and user interface for UAS flight operations,” said Kevin Gallagher, president and CEO of Simulyze. “NASA declared the mission of technical capability Level 1 to be a success, and we look forward to continuing in the next research phase.”
Simulyze’s Space Act Agreement with NASA in support of UTM runs through December 2019. Its partnership with NASA’s Ames Research Center is focused on the research and development of a UTM system to enable and support safe and effective UAS operations.
In addition to live aircraft interacting with UTM, NASA introduced dozens of virtual aircraft into the same airspace to further enhance the test. This mixing of live flights with virtual flights provided additional insight for future tests to refine the UTM concept. 
Simulyze engineers used Mission Insight to provide simulated aircraft planning and telemetry data from five aircraft, emulated to appear as operating in North Carolina airspace. 
Mission Insight builds on the success of Simulyze’s Flight Control application, which was released in 2000 and was one of the first, comprehensive air, land and sea visualization tools for operators, commanders, mission planners and analysts. Over the last 15 years, Flight Control has been deployed across numerous organizations, including the U.S. military/Department of Defense, the U.S. intelligence community and homeland security.

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