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PAL-V preparing to deliver Pioneer Edition ‘fly-drive’ aircraft to first customers in 2024

PAL-V Press Release | October 25, 2023

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The PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition (pictured) is powered by e-fuels and hybrid fuel technology. PAL-V Photo

Imagine you can drive your car door-to-door from Geneva to Paris in under two and a half hours.

PAL-V, the global advanced air mobility pioneer, aims to make this vision a reality. The 10-year-old Netherlands-based venture has announced it will hit a significant milestone in 2024 and deliver the keys of the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition to its first customers.

Powered by e-fuels and hybrid fuel technology, the first generation ‘fly-drive’ car positions PAL-V as a mover in the advanced air mobility race to make air mobility accessible to the mass market, both on the roads and in the sky.

Aside from revolutionary technology enabling both safe road and air travel, PAL-V is said to be the first company to have received approvals for road driving and is in the final stages of being approved for air travel, according to the company.

PAL-V is one of the few air mobility companies that makes advanced air mobility accessible and tailored to both private and  business-to-business customers. The PAL-V Liberty can be used across numerous applications including policing, security, first response, peace keeping and military applications, as well as air taxis and delivery. PAL-V already counts among its partners and customers GKN Aerospace, PRIMUS AERO and Kuwait Airways.

The vehicle interior resembles a two-seat sports car. PAL-V Photo

Borne from the vision of making sustainable air mobility accessible to all, this critical milestone is achieved just as PAL-V is preparing for the production of its series vehicles that will complete the aviation certification next year.

“As we are now nearing the finalization of the aviation certification of the PAL-V Liberty, we’re preparing for the production and commercialization of the product. The Liberty will mark the start of the flying car era. By using existing infrastructure and regulations we can already start using the Liberty as early as next year. In the future we will continue to develop innovative air mobility products,” said Robert Dingemanse, CEO  and founder of PAL-V

PAL-V will open its doors to customers in a pop-up show room in Munich from Oct. 23 to 31 for those who wish to discover the unique fly-drive vehicle of this air-mobility manufacturer.

This press release was prepared and distributed by PAL-V.

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