Omni Táxi Aéreo adapts 4 aircraft to transport ill patients & suspected cases of COVID-19

Omni Táxi Aéreo Press Release | March 26, 2020

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Omni Táxi Aéreo has adapted aircraft to transport workers in the oil-and-gas sector with suspected cases of COVID-19. The measure aims to offer companies operating in the sector the safety of its passengers and crew of aircraft.

Omni adapted AW139 and S-76C+ helicopters as sanitary aircraft to transport passengers with suspected flu or cold, and will use an S-76C++ aeromedical aircraft to transport suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. Omni Photo

The AW139 and S-76C+ helicopters were adapted as sanitary aircraft to transport passengers with suspected flu or cold, with lined seats, monitoring by a nursing technician, limited number of seats for passengers, use of protective curtain to isolate the cabin from the pilots’ cockpit, forced cabin ventilation and the use of protective masks and coveralls for the crew. After each flight, the nursing technicians carefully clean the aircraft.

For cases of suspected or confirmed passengers with COVID-19, transport will be carried out by an S-76C++ aeromedical aircraft, which has a stretcher and the presence of medical staff on board, in addition to the same care and asepsis that are being applied to sanitary aircraft. Beyond these actions, Omni set up an exclusive interdisciplinary committee to monitor all events, which includes the presence of its board, specialized professionals and doctors to guide their actions.

The company also instituted the measures below:

  • Cleaning of normal aircraft after each flight, including seats, life jackets, doors, handles and seat arms. Care goes beyond aircraft and extends to check-in, security and boarding locations;
  • Replacement of shell noise mufflers by ear plugs for passengers, to avoid the risk of contamination;
  • Availability of masks and gloves for all crew, mechanics and service agents;
  • Availability of 70 percent alcohol gel with easy access for all passengers and employees;
  • All rooms have open doors and windows to facilitate air circulation;
  • Implementation of a sanitary self-declaration form to be applied at check-in and passenger thermal measurement allowed;
  • Daily thermal measurement of all employees; and
  • Removal of any employee who has symptoms of complaint or fever

Roberto Coimbra, Omni’s CEO, explains that safety is a priority and that all measures implemented are being reviewed daily:

“We are in permanent contact with the health authorities through our medical professionals, with the aeronautical authorities and manufacturers through our personnel in the operational areas. Our COVID-19 prevention measures are being improved every day, so that we can continue to serve the oil-and-gas market with agility and in total safety for our employees and passengers. ”

The sanitary and aeromedical rescue aircraft to transport passengers with suspected flu or COVID-19 are available to all customers with contracted flights and those in the sector who may need this service.

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