Kratos’s new rotary-wing combat mission training hones aircrew expertise

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Press Release | November 19, 2020

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Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. a leading national security solutions provider, has introduced its Aircrew Combat Mission Training (ACMT) system that utilizes advanced immersive training technology to allow teams to train together in highly realistic, mixed-reality combat scenarios. Offered as a turn-key solution, the system includes a mixed-reality Multi-Position – Aircrew Virtual Environment Trainer (MP-AVET) integrated with a mixed reality Ground Party Simulator (GPS). 

A UH-1 helicopter inside the blue electroluminescent interior of the Kratos immersive environment. Kratos Photo

The system is based on the Kratos Immersive Technology Platform that unites best-in-class commercial products with the latest immersive technologies. The platform enables Kratos to create highly realistic training environments that seamlessly combine real and virtual components in immersive environment scenarios that go beyond augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experiences in actual mission fidelity. Based on industry standards and using pre-integrated technologies, solutions built on the Kratos platform are highly realistic, cost-effective and built to be easily transported to the customer’s point of need (PoN).

For example, in the MP-AVET an actual rotorcraft fuselage is surrounded by a Kratos immersive holodeck. The aircrew performs their assigned duties in the physical aircraft outfitted with seat-shaker technology, weapon recoil and windloading to mimic vibration and forces of aerial weapons employment during flight. The entire aircrew performs highly realistic virtual air interdiction, air assault and close air support mission scenarios. Simultaneously, the helicopter flight engineers work physical weapons while firing at virtual air and ground targets. The MP-AVET works in tandem with Kratos’ Ground Party Simulator allowing ground personnel including Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), Forward Observers, Fire Teams and Combat Controllers to collectively train with their aircrew as they would engage with them in live fire situations. In this mixed reality environment, the aircrew and ground party train together, experiencing the sights, sounds and haptics of simulated combat missions, while saving the cost of flight time, fuel, ammunition and more.

Currently offered as a turn-key service, Kratos’ ACMT can accommodate different aircraft platforms, including the H-1 and the H-60 helicopters among others. When configured for the H-1 it can simultaneously train up to two pilots and two flight engineers (FE) at their crew positions in the same immersive environment. When coupled with the physical aircraft and weapons, the system increases combat mission training effectiveness and enhances the aircrew’s ability to anticipate, recognize and react to threats in a fully immersive, simulated tactical environment. 

In discussing the capability, Wade Koch, Vice President of Business Development, Kratos Training Solutions, said: “For the first time, helicopter aircrews can train together in a completely immersive, collective, training environment. The immersive environment supports initial, continuation and mission rehearsal training using a real aircraft fuselage, flight deck, flight controls, cabin and simulated weapons. Depending on customer requirements, the turn-key service includes logistics support, courseware development support and ground-based academics/mission instruction.”

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