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Giant Erickson S-64 Aircrane to Hover over CN Tower

CN Tower | June 23, 2006

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Canadian icon…Toronto landmark…Engineering Wonder…World’s Tallest…on June 26 2006, the CN Tower marks its 30 year milestone with an awe-inspiring and unprecedented visit from Erickson Air-Crane’s giant S-64 helicopter (formerly Sikorsky), an exciting Celebration and Ceremony and a special admission offer.

Toronto visitors and residents will be riveted by the sight of a giant Erickson S-64 Aircrane helicopter (72′ wingspan) hovering over the top of the CN Tower at 6:45 pm on Sunday June 25th 2006 for two minutes re-enacting the historical moment the Tower antenna was topped off by the helicopter over 30 years ago making it the World’s Tallest Building. The Erickson S-64 will land on site at the CN Tower and can be visited during the Celebration on Monday June 26th from 9am-6pm.

“This is an important milestone for the CN Tower. 30 years unsurpassed as the Tallest Building and Free-standing Structure in the World. 30 years as a national landmark, an iconic symbol of tourism for Toronto, a critical telecommunications hub and world-class entertainment and dining destination.
And 30 years as a place to create special memories.” said Jack Robinson, CN Tower General Manager.

“The CN Tower is thrilled to welcome back an Erickson S-64 Aircrane and we encourage everyone to look way up at the Tower the evening of June 25th to witness history re-enacted. Without a doubt the S-64’s work lifting the 44 pieces to complete the antenna is one of the most memorable moments in the
history of the CN Tower. It is also an example of the innovative technologies and groundbreaking processes used to build this incredible structure, making it worthy of its designation as an engineering Wonder of the Modern World. We invite the residents of the great city of Toronto and all our visitors to come celebrate with us and enjoy the entertainment and activities planned for the
afternoon of June 26th.”

3 for $30 Anniversary Admission Offer
The CN Tower is extending a special 30th Anniversary offer to all visitors to soar to the top of Canada’s National Tower on June 26th 2006 only for a special anniversary admission price of “3 for $30″(*)

Celebration – June 26th
Toronto residents and visitors are invited to an afternoon public celebration from 11am-2pm on June 26 2006 on the CN Tower outdoor grounds. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to visit the giant Erickson S-64 helicopter from 9am-6pm. Juno award-winning Canadian rock orchestra originals – Lighthouse will take us back to the “Sunny Days” of the 70’s with sets at 12noon and 1pm. Partygoers will be treated to live music on stage featuring: Drum Caf, Imbayakunas, Gypsy, Northern Fist Southern Leg, plus strolling entertainers, live demonstrations from Ontario Craft Council also celebrating 30 years, and hotdog barbecue (while quantities last). A Ceremony at 12:30 pm will include the official proclamation by Toronto Mayor David Miller declaring June 26th CN Tower Day, followed by a “toast” and birthday cake, plus 3,000 loot bags and a special 30th Anniversary Prize Pack will be given away. In addition, the 2006 CN Tower Communities in Bloom Gardens will be inaugurated as part of the ceremony. Admission to the celebration on the CN Tower outdoor grounds is complimentary. Up to date event details and listings will be posted to the CN Tower website at cntower.ca.

Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated
With a head office in Central Point, Oregon and offices around the world, Erickson is the exclusive manufacturer and support facility for the Erickson S-64 Aircrane with a fleet of 19 owned and operated around the world. The S-64 (formerly Sikorsky) was the first helicopter built as a flying crane with an aft-facing pilot station allowing the pilot an unobstructed view of the load being carried and full control of the aircraft for precision operations. Since purchasing a Sikorsky Skycrane in 1971, Erickson Air-Crane has become a world leader in helicopter heavy lift construction. In 1992 Erickson Air-Crane purchased the type certificate and manufacturing right from Sikorsky and renamed it the Erickson S-64 Aircrane. Since then, Erickson has invested in 1,350 design improvements and upgrades to its operations, to ensure the S-64 a continued integral role in a wide variety of construction and restoration applications around the world such as the construction of the CN Tower antenna and other unique applications involving extreme environments such as the Stromboli Volcano in Italy where the S-64 was used to build safety shelters on one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

CN Tower
Standing tall as the defining landmark of Toronto is the CN Tower, Canada’s National Tower. At 553.33 metres (1,815 ft 5in), it is the World’s Tallest Building and a symbol of Canadian achievement recognized around the world. This architectural triumph is a Wonder of the Modern World and widely
regarded as the iconic symbol of tourism for Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

With breathtaking views from 3 observation levels including the Glass Floor, Look Out and SkyPod, theatre, rides, arcade, shopping, the CN Tower is a must-see attraction when visiting Toronto, and an excellent example of the world-class experiences that can be found in Canada.

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