EAA Tools provides aftermarket tools for Sikorsky H-60 and S-70 helicopters

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EAA Tools has developed an H-60/S-70 Series Expeditionary Kit (EXP) to support the new emphasis on expeditionary aviation operations. A deployable package comprising a selection of carefully chosen peculiar hand tools, the EXP empowers end users to operate with limited external resupply while reducing their mobility footprint.

EAA Tools’ new H-60/S-70 Series Expeditionary Kit is a deployable package comprising a selection of carefully chosen hand tools. EAA Tools Photo

The kits use Mil-Spec Pelican 1730 Protector Transport cases with embedded roller wheels, which are watertight, crushproof, and dustproof. A full EXP can be transported in the space of two H-60 seats. Using the EXP, a line company has the capability to operate autonomously for an extended period with minimal support, capable of performing 90 percent of heavy maintenance tasks while providing operational readiness for the short term until heavy maintenance support arrives.

Also on offer is the H-60 Flight Control Rigging System to perform flight control rig and inspection. The pin set comprises special pins and tools that match manufacturer specifications for rigging H-60 flight controls. EAA has additionally developed a kit of rigging accessories, including a novel trammeling solution to set each hydraulic flight control rod to nominal length immediately prior to installation. All pins are ground to precise dimensions and fit is guaranteed.

EAA Tools also offers Special Purpose Kits for both the H-60 and S-70, each of which contain a selection of system-specific special tools. Each kit targets a specific system and may be purchased, inventoried, and checked out as a single line-item for the servicing of a particular aircraft system.

EAA Tools’ newest addition, the H-60 237WP Peculiar Tool Kit (PTK), provides a procurable and inventoriable tool kit to replace the issued PTK, which is no longer commercially available. The PTK comprises specialized field-level items and tools compatible with the specifications found in the UH-60 series technical manuals. EAA Tools has updated each PTK item with key usability and durability improvements not found in the previously marketed version.

According to EAA, all of its tools and solutions are made in the U.S. from metals and alloys certified to top performance by the American Society for Testing and Materials. All tools are finished with processes and coatings conforming to military specifications, and meet or exceed relevant Society of Automotive Engineers or American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards. The company says its products have also been vetted and approved by the U.S. Army Systems Readiness Directorate for safety and efficacy.

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