CLEANO certified for Boeing acrylic crazing, windows and Type 2 exterior paint and primer

CLEANO Press Release | June 6, 2014

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CLEANO, Inc. has proudly announced that their new Aviation Grade Industrial Green Cleaner Concentrate has received Boeing D6-17487 REVISION R (Exterior and General) compliance status for aircraft craze, crack, or etch on acrylic surfaces. 
This also qualifies under TYPE C (MIL-P-25690) specification for aircraft windows and canopies. 
CLEANO, Inc. also achieved conformance under ASTM F502 for coating systems BMS 10-79 Type 2 Primer applied in accordance with BAC 5882 plus BMS 10-60, Type 2 enamel in accordance with BAC 5845.
CLEANO was developed to replace toxic chemical cleaners across the cleaning spectrum. Gentle enough to use as a laundry detergent for shop rags, yet powerful enough to remove oil and grease stains on virtually any surface, CLEANO is the truly green option for keeping your flight equipment shining and new without wearing hazmat gloves and equipment. Just spray and wipe. CLEANO also contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
CLEANO literally melts grime, dust, dirt, and grease from metallic, ceramic, chrome, acrylic & glass surfaces. Just spray and wipe.
CLEANO is certified by and delivers a powerful alternative for all your cleaning needs. Dilution ratios are available online for CLEANO Aviation Grade Industrial Green Cleaner Concentrate. Just 1/2 oz. of CLEANO in a gallon of purified water makes a great window cleaner. Windscreen bugs just melt away.
Go to :  and check out our short video presentation on our You Tube. 
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