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Airwolf Aerospace STC for installing True Blue Power TB20 Next Gen lithium-ion batteries now FAA approved

Airwolf Press Release | February 27, 2024

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Airwolf Aerospace has received Federal Aviation Administration supplemental type certificate (STC) approval SR04644CH for the installation of True Blue Power TB20 Lithium-ion battery in Airbus H125/AS350, and AS355 helicopters.

The STC approval for the TB20 Lithium-ion battery follows Airwolf’s recent STC approval of TB17 Lithium-ion STC kits for Airbus H125/AS350, AS355, H120, H130/EC130, Bell 206A/B, 206L/L1/L3/L4, Enstrom 480B, Hiller UH-12E and MD 369/500 helicopters.

The True Blue Power Gen5 TB20 like the TB17 offers lower weight, faster, cooler engine starts, much longer life than lead acid and NiCad batteries, extreme cold operating capabilities with its built in heating system.

The Gen5 TB20 battery has the added advantage of an improved battery management system and 100 percent on condition maintenance.  Helicopter mechanics can save time by no longer having requirements for frequent capacity checks.

Airwolf Aerospace is a leader in Lithium-ion helicopter battery installations with more applications than any other company. They are pleased to be able to offer AS350/H125, AS355 helicopter operators the benefits of Lithium power.  

Look for more Airwolf STC’s for more helicopter applications and additional battery models soon.

Please see Airwolf at Heli Expo Booth 3418

This press release was prepared and distributed by Airwolf.

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