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Aeroauto to create eVTOL showroom and dealership at Greenport Airport in Texas

Aeroauto Press Release | August 1, 2023

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Aeroauto said it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Greenport International Airport & Technology Center to establish a state-of-the-art eVTOL showroom, dealership, and maintenance service.  

This exciting partnership aims to introduce a new era of transportation solutions, potentially setting the stage for the City of Emerald Island, Texas, to become the center of excellence and innovation in AAM.

Imagine a city where the sky is the highway, and the commute is a joyride. This future is fast approaching with Aeroauto’s cutting-edge eVTOL vehicles. 

Greenport International Airport & Technology Center has embraced the vision of a future where eVTOLs glide across the cityscape effortlessly. By signing the LOI with Aeroauto, they have laid the foundation for a world-class showroom and dealership facility. 

Sean Borman, the CEO of Aeroauto, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying: “This partnership marks a pivotal moment in transportation history.  We’re ecstatic to collaborate with Greenport International Airport to introduce eVTOL technologies. Aeroauto’s commitment to creating a sustainable and efficient transportation ecosystem aligns perfectly with Greenport’s dedication to innovation and eco-friendly practices.”

Greenport International Airport & Technology Center, nestled amid the scenic beauty of Central Texas, is already renowned for its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technologies. 

Stephen Carpenter, the managing director & CIO of Greenport, said: “We’re thrilled to be part of this monumental endeavor. Aeroauto’s expertise in eVTOL technologies, our airport’s intelligent infrastructure, and our commitment to eco-conscious operations will make Greenport a global hub for AAM.  

“We are forging a pathway to a greener, smarter and more connected future. Greenport is committed to innovation, and this collaboration with Aeroauto aligns perfectly with our vision for the future.  Together, we will create an atmosphere where the thrill of flight converges with the allure of the latest eVTOL wonders, providing our patrons an experience like never before!”

The Aeroauto eVTOL showroom and dealership will showcase a fleet of futuristic vehicles offering many advanced air mobility solutions. 

This facility will also house an exclusive Service Center with expert technicians. This dedicated maintenance hub will ensure each vehicle receives top-tier care and attention, whether a customer’s treasured possession or a brand-new dream machine.

The Aeroauto eVTOL showroom and dealership is set to open by 2025.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Aeroauto.

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