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PAG: Instant Access to Over 200,000 Flight-Ready Spares

Sponsored Content | April 15, 2024

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Providing industry-leading maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services has made Precision Aviation Group (PAG) the obvious choice for mission-critical operators. PAG offers a full suite of MRO and supply chain services for fixed- and rotary-wing platforms worldwide.

PAG is a market leader when it comes to making significant investments to expand its inventories, service capabilities, repair stations, and geographical locations. Every effort aligns with the company’s dedication to supporting aviation operators wherever and however they fly.

“Our customers don’t have to find different suppliers for the components they need — they call PAG,” said David Mast, PAG’s president and CEO. “As a global brand, our past performance speaks for itself.”

PAG understands the direct and life-threatening consequences for mission-critical operators the longer their aircraft is grounded. That’s why the company takes great pride in becoming their trusted MRO service provider.

“When we are in an AOG situation, PAG is going to be the first call that we make,” said Scott Hutchison, director of procurement and supply chain at Pacific Coastal Airlines in British Columbia — a loyal PAG customer for 15 years. “We could reach out any time, day or night, and they’ll respond. That level of customer service is valuable for an organization like us that doesn’t sleep.”

For a company like Pacific, one grounded aircraft could cost the airline anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 a day — but there’s more than just monetary consequences in an AOG situation.

“A lot of what we do is in the small villages we support. We bring people down into the big city for medical reasons, doctor’s appointments, things that they can’t get in the communities they’re in,” he said. “Being able to keep our machines in the air with the help of a company like PAG, I don’t know if you can actually put measure on that.”

To ensure PAG continues to fulfill its commitment to customers, the company has organized its MRO service offerings within four key market segments: avionics, components, engines, and manufacturing/DER.

“We’ve expanded our capabilities in every segment,” said Ketan Desai, PAG’s chief sales and marketing officer. “As a trusted industry leader, we have to stay ahead of the evolving aerospace environment and our customers’ changing requirements.”

One of PAG’s unique attributes is its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (ISMRO) program — a value-add service that puts the company in front of supply chain issues that have plagued the rest of the industry.

Through a robust inventory, ISMRO supports PAG’s MRO functions across all its business segments. In fact, PAG invests around $150-million in rotable, flight-ready inventory — a significant investment with the aim of keeping aviation operators mission ready.

“Chances are that eight of the 10 components you’re looking for will be on our shelves ready to ship within 30 minutes,” Desai said.

Unlike a typical repair station, where customers might have to wait 20 to 30 days to get their components overhauled, PAG’s ISMRO program gives customers the option

of having replacement parts shipped out the same day. This eliminates supply chain delays, and more importantly, it gets aircraft back in the air faster.

“The ISMRO program evaluates the customer’s asset, allowing us to charge customers the exact same dollar amount as having their own components fixed,” Desai said. “It’s a unique model, and there’s nobody else in our industry that offers ISMRO for all four market segments.”

Looking ahead, PAG plans to acquire additional service capabilities and geographic locations, particularly focusing on the engine and component services segments. While other competitors have been hesitant to invest in these areas during times of crisis, PAG has taken a leadership role in putting the business of its customers first.

“Acquiring facilities and businesses and adding additional locations truly improves the customer experience, allowing us to help get their aircraft back in the air sooner,” Mast said. “Ultimately, we consider ourselves the best value. Customers have said we’re very competitively priced, considering the service and availability
they get with PAG.” 

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Avionics services

Part failure can ground an aircraft until the part is replaced. For most fleet operators, keeping flight-ready spares on hand is a monumental task. A trusted parts supplier available 24/7/365 is a necessity. Regardless of the size or location of an operation, customers rely on PAG for instant access to the company’s expertise and over 200,000 flight-ready line items.

“From legacy products to current generation platforms, PAG can provide any avionics support an operator needs, wherever they are located,” said Mark Stemwedel, PAG’s vice president of avionics technical services.

A wide range of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services and flight-deck systems are offered, including:

• Engine and flight controls, weather radar

• Navigation and communication systems

• Flight recorders, lighting, data printers

In 2022, PAG added new capabilities to its growing suite of avionics services by acquiring Velocity Aerospace Group. Velocity’s EDN Aviation facility in Van Nuys, California, specializes in:

• Multilayer circuit board assemblies

• Cable and wiring harnesses, avionics enclosures

“Through Velocity’s facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Burbank, California, PAG supports avionics, electrical systems, fire protection, interior lights, water/waste assemblies, and more,” Stemwedel said.

PAG’s expert in-house avionics MRO services result in far more efficient and cost-effective support than that of its competitors, at a fraction of the turnaround time.

While many traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may offer built-to-order service on spares, PAG’s strong relationships with OEMs allow its customers to make immediate purchases from the company’s $150-million flight-ready parts inventory.

Component services

Performing over 100,000 repairs for 6,500 customers in 90 countries every year, PAG is well established as a global leader in the MRO industry. With specialized repair capabilities, PAG can save customers thousands of dollars by repairing components in-house.

PAG’s component services segment focuses on what was essentially the company’s original business model, providing MRO support for starter generators, wheels, brakes, landing gear, hydraulics, pneumatics, instruments, and batteries.

According to Jordan Webber, vice president of component services, “Our unique capabilities within this segment are twofold. We cover the entire product line and our geographic reach is extensive. As a one-stop solution for customers, there aren’t many companies that can offer PAG’s depth and breadth of support,” Webber said.

With the acquisition of Trace Aviation in Jackson, Mississippi, PAG’s comprehensive MRO services include specialization in Beechcraft King Air and 1900 landing gear, as well as airframe component exchanges and overhauls.

PAG has five starter generator shops strategically located throughout the world, including one in Australia, Canada, and Brazil and two in the U.S., giving PAG a unique competitive edge.

“That’s an exceptional offering. People don’t have to transport parts halfway across the world to get them serviced,” Webber said. “We are available where our customer base is located.”

PAG not only overhauls starter generators, with the acquisition of Precision Rewind Services (PRS) in Concord, Ontario, the company rewinds those components in-house.

“Instead of scrapping out an item, we have internal capability to provide cost-saving full rewind. Our customers don’t have to buy new,” Webber said.

Engine services

Repairing and overhauling fixed- and rotary-wing engines and engine accessories is a core PAG capability. This includes a broad range of MRO and supply chain solutions supporting:

• Engines, modules, fuel controls, governors

• Bleed valves, nozzles, fuel heaters

• Turbine blades, compressors, and gear boxes

“Our customers are looking for timely and detailed support for inspection/repair services, or immediate access to our inventory of PAG-owned spares,” said Keith Stringer, vice president of engine services.

Through the acquisition of Keystone Turbine Service (KTS), PAG acquired Rolls-Royce’s second largest Authorized Maintenance Repair Overhaul Center (AMROC) and recipient of the coveted Rolls-Royce “Best in Class” award for three consecutive years.

PAG offers an all-in-one solution, supporting inspection, repair, and full overhaul of the Rolls-Royce M250 and RR300 series of gas turbine engines, including modules, accessories, and components, as well as testing services. PAG also provides Honeywell and Triumph accessories, components, spare parts, and field service support.

In 2022, PAG acquired Pacific Turbine Group (PTB), expanding its repair capabilities for the Pratt & Whitney PT6 and Honeywell TPE331 engine lines.

“PAG provides the internal repairs necessary to return the engine to service in a timely and cost-effective way, as well as the repair or overhaul of the assembly,” Stringer said.

PAG creates custom support solutions, incorporating new or used serviceable material (USM) and internal reworks to manage costs while ensuring high-quality standards. The company has taken great strides to invest in inventory, new capabilities, and technical training, allowing mission-critical operators to have immediate access to parts and timely support.

Manufacturing/DER services

Mission-critical operators know the importance of keeping their aircraft flight ready. With PAG’s manufacturing/DER segment, mission-critical operators can receive MRO services for over 1,100 different:

• Armatures, stators, rotors

• Round wire, solenoids, coils

• LCD displays

“PAG is one of only two facilities in North America that can repair aircraft LCD displays using proprietary processes,” said Mark Stemwedel, vice president of avionics technical services.

PAG also specializes in manufacturing and refurbishing cockpit panels, multilayer circuit board assemblies, cable and wiring harnesses, avionics enclosures, and cockpit sub-assemblies.

“Besides incorporating the ISMRO supply chain model into this segment, our ability to solve a problem for a customer, whether it’s manufacturing a cockpit panel or repairing LCD displays, gives us distinctive capabilities,” Stemwedel said.

PAG’s manufacturing/DER services result in many advantages for the customer, including impressive cost-savings. For example, PAG’s proprietary reverse engineering processes can yield, in some cases, $10,000 to $25,000 in savings for a single LCD repair.

Through internal development and acquisitions, PAG has added over 900 specific DER repairs, and its engineers are constantly working on projects that will yield customers better turnaround times and increased savings on parts costs.

To ensure continued readiness to meet customer needs, PAG has committed extensive resources to further develop its manufacturing/DER services segment.

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