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Urban Aeronautics partners with Ascent to bring CityHawk to market

Avatar for Vertical MagBy Vertical Mag | March 20, 2020

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The Israeli aircraft developer Urban Aeronautics is teaming up with the Singapore-based company Ascent to accelerate commercialization of the CityHawk, a hydrogen/electric VTOL aircraft for urban air mobility missions.

Urban Aeronautics’ CityHawk design draws on its Fancraft technology, which is already flying in its unmanned Cormorant VTOL aircraft. Urban Aeronautics Image

The CityHawk builds on Urban Aeronautics’ work with the Cormorant, an unmanned, conventionally powered VTOL aircraft developed for a variety of military, civil, and emergency response missions. Urban Aeronautics said the CityHawk’s combination of a relatively compact footprint and seating capacity for up to six passengers “maximizes the efficiency of vertiports and increases passenger traffic, laying a foundation for a genuine mass transit solution.”

“As we continue to advance on our development and look toward commercial flights within a few years, we are eager to work with Ascent,” stated Dr. Rafi Yoeli, Urban Aeronautics’ CEO, in a press release. “Thanks to Ascent’s unique operational experience, and growing footprint, we are now able to enrich our aircraft design and commercialization approach, based on direct market insights.”

Ascent is an urban air mobility service that currently allows users to book helicopter flights by the seat, with the goal of transitioning to eVTOL aircraft in the future. The company operates in the Philippines with flights between more than 15 activity hubs including international airports, central business districts, and popular leisure destinations.

“The partnership with Urban Aeronautics is a great step forward in line with our objective to democratize sustainable urban air mobility,” stated Ascent founder and CEO Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff. “In addition to providing flights by the seat, and our commitment to climate neutrality, partnering with the industry pioneer in low-emission VTOLs brings us one step closer to doing so.”

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