RAF Chinook lands on Welsh farm after striking wire

AvatarBy Dan Parsons | July 30, 2020

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A U.K. Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter on July 28 made an emergency landing in Wales after it struck a wire, according to BBC News.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed the unplanned landing in Carmarthenshire farmland near Llangynin. A photo posted on social media shows three parallel slates across the shattered windshield and nose of the twin-engine helicopter.

A photo posted by Scramble Magazine to Facebook shows the RAF Chinook where it landed on a Welsh farm after striking a wire.

Reports indicate the crew suffered “minor injuries” in the incident, which occurred during a training exercise. The crew remained with the aircraft following the landing to provide security until it is recovered.

The BBC quotes Pam Windsor, a local politician in Llangynin, who said the power to her house was abruptly cut off immediately after she heard the helicopter flying by.

“We went outside and we could see the Chinook very low, just passing over the village heading towards fields in the distance,” she told the BBC. “My son, Alex, and I jumped into his vehicle and headed down there in case of any injuries or anything. Luckily they had landed very safely in a field just a few minutes from the village, but unfortunately as they had come down they had hit some sort of electric overhead cables. We were first on the scene and we spoke to one of the crew members. They were very shaken and shocked but all okay as far as we can see.”

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