Blade to use eVTOL air taxis from Eve in South Florida and West Coast markets

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The Embraer spinoff Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions and flight booking service Blade Air Mobility have partnered to deploy Eve’s eVTOL aircraft in Blade’s South Florida and West Coast markets beginning in 2026.

Eve Blade eVTOL
Blade is headquartered in New York, but also operates in South Florida and on the West Coast, where it expects Eve’s electric vertical aircraft to provide “ideal operating economics.” Eve Image

Under a conditional arrangement announced June 24, Eve and local operating partners will deploy up to 60 aircraft for Blade’s use in the U.S., with Blade paying for up to 60,000 hours of flight time per year. The deployment of Eve aircraft across the Blade network is subject to the parties entering into definitive final agreements, the companies said.

“Blade is pleased to partner with Eve, leveraging Embraer’s deep aerospace expertise to provide Blade with quiet, zero-carbon, electric aircraft,” Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal stated in a press release, adding that Eve’s air taxis will provide “ideal operating economics for Blade’s shorter distance routes.”

Andre Stein, president and CEO of Eve, stated: “Blade is aligned with our mission as they have created a platform that provides the user seamless access to urban air mobility, and now with Eve to provide an experience that is quiet and without emissions. The company’s platform will be instrumental in deploying our aircraft in key markets in South Florida and the West Coast of the United States.”

The agreement with Eve builds on Blade’s two other partnerships with eVTOL developers. In April, Blade announced it would order up to 20 aircraft from Beta Technologies, becoming the first passenger service customer for Beta’s six-seat Alia eVTOL starting in 2024. In May, Blade struck a deal with Boeing-Kitty Hawk joint venture Wisk Aero to use up to 30 of its self-flying air taxis on short-distance routes once they’re certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Blade also has an alliance with magniX to electrify the seaplanes of its operating partner Lima NY Corp.

Meanwhile, Eve has been building a global network of operating partners for its eVTOL aircraft, which it aims to certify and deploy in commercial service by 2026. Earlier this month, it announced an order for 200 of its air taxis from Directional Aviation’s Halo brand, which plans to operate half of them in the U.K. and half in the U.S. Directional Aviation principal Kenn Ricci is also the co-CEO of the special purpose acquisition company Zanite Acquisition Corp (Nasdaq: ZNTE), which is in talks to take Eve public through a business combination.

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  1. Winning combination. The US’ leader in UAM service and the global leader in the regional aerospace market working together to make eUAM a reality! Congrats to all involved

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