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If you fly a Bell helicopter, particularly one of the many UH-1 models or variants still dominating the skies worldwide, Midwest Aerospace can help you reduce costs and minimize downtime.

“We’ve aligned ourselves to be in the top five parts suppliers for Bell medium helicopters,” said Midwest’s founder, Lou Giannini.

Combine that sizable inventory with Cappsco (the company’s FAA-certified T53 engine shop in Tucson, Arizona), its manufacturing and repair shop subsidiaries, and blade and avionics facility partners, and Midwest can provide a full-service solution for any civil, military or government operator with a Bell medium aircraft.

Founded in 1989 in St. John, Indiana, with subsidiaries in Illinois and Arizona, the company specializes in cost-effective ways of procuring hard-to-find parts and providing quality repairs.

“We can offer better pricing because of Midwest’s history and how good we are at finding and procuring parts,” said Giannini. “That also makes us more affordable on the repair side.

“Our quality comes from having technicians who take pride in their jobs–and are well known for their proficiency. We try to fill our shops with those kinds of specialists, and our reputation and work ethic ensures these talented people often seek us out to become part of the Midwest family.”

Giannini takes particular pride in the service and support his company provides its worldwide client base.

“We offer full, 24-hour AOG [aircraft-on-ground] services. We guarantee we have every component that goes on a Bell 204, 205 or Huey. We guarantee everything is in stock and ready to ship. If it’s not, we can have it ready in 24 hours because we have our own shops and can control the process.”

When it comes to parts inventory, Midwest does something no one else does–provide complete transparency in pricing.

“It’s unheard of, but we list our prices on our website,” said Giannini. “We want to be completely candid and give clients bottom-line pricing, so they know upfront what each part costs.”

That honesty comes from Midwest’s values but is also rooted in a desire to “shake up” the industry. Shaking up the industry is also why Giannini decided to join EXTEX’s aftermarket network.

“Operators can’t afford downtime. And, with so many people and countries still flying the Huey, we knew we needed to do something unique to better support those operators.

“This partnership will help both companies and their clients. EXTEX can now offer more parts, with attractive pricing. And, we gain access to their precision parts and dedicated support. Plus, being trusted by EXTEX confirms to potential clients the quality of our repair and overhaul services.”

In this way, Midwest can continue to help customers with legacy Bell mediums keep their ships flying longer, with less downtime and lower operating costs. That’s the value Midwest Aerospace and its partners bring to the industry.

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