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As the average age of worldwide air force fleets continues to increase, and major defense OEMs stop production on older platforms and associated parts, many U.S. allies are having trouble maintaining minimum operational levels.
That’s why companies like Aviation Procurement Systems (APS) have found themselves in growing demand.

“We play an increasingly important role in the military aviation world, as most countries are deeply dependent on aircraft, systems and parts that are no longer in production or are wholly obsolete,” said retired Brigadier-General George Katsanis, APS’s executive vice-president.

APS is a defense contractor that upgrades aircraft systems, procures certified parts and provides essential repair services to the U.S. military and the armed forces of more than two-dozen allied nations. As an authorized distributor for numerous OEMs and manufacturers, APS provides access to a vast array of certified and quality-assured parts. The company also has a global network of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities, and it serves as a prime integrator when clients need to upgrade aircraft systems to increase the lifespan of their aging fleets.

Among the helicopter platforms that APS supports are the Bell AH-1, UH-1, 206, 212, 214 and 412; Boeing AH-64 and CH-47; and Sikorsky UH-60. The company can also provide parts, repairs or upgrades for fixed-wing aircraft, missile systems and ground support equipment.

Where APS rises above its competitors even further is in how far it will go to help its clients.

“We work diligently to source parts that are otherwise obsolete and out of production,” said Katsanis. “That includes finding companies to make the parts if needed. It’s that dedication that has helped APS grab a significant and growing market share.”

Katsanis said this customer-focused dedication is partly due to the company’s military roots.

“APS’s founders and managers have been on the receiving side of the services we provide. They are former air force officers, engineers, procurement experts and logistics specialists. So, we all feel a special responsibility to our client base.”

It’s why so many militaries trust APS to keep their fleets flying longer and more efficiently.

At the same time, suppliers and vendors see APS as a true partner that can provide ongoing access to markets that are difficult to open and maintain. It’s why EXTEX wanted APS in its aftermarket network.

“APS presents EXTEX with direct access to the global military market–an enormous and growing segment it hadn’t fully explored,” said Katsanis.

In return, “EXTEX’s high-quality, trusted parts have helped APS return numerous military aircraft to service that were previously grounded for lack of parts. The partnership is a perfect match.”

It’s also part of APS’s ongoing efforts to keep up with the significant growth it is experiencing as more militaries find themselves needing this trusted supply chain management specialist to keep their aging fleets flying.

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