Maintenance Test Pilot (UH-60 A/L/M) – 34833

The Maintenance Test Pilot (UH-60 A/L/M) utilizes flight test techniques to perform test flights of aircraft to measure performance and handling to determine airworthiness following maintenance or modifications. Principal Accountabilities (Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract)Perform test flights and demonstrating aircraft proficiency upon completion of aircraft maintenance or modifications on aircraft. Interpret meteorological data as it pertains to filing a flight plan for the navigational course of flight needed for a mission or sortie.File flight plans for all flights using authorized navigational processes.Compute weight and balance logs for the aircraft being flown.Initiate and complete all military flight or maintenance forms to document maintenance test flight completion and discrepancies. Communicate, troubleshoot, advise and work side by side with military pilots and technicians.Determine in accordance with publications and procedures the airworthiness of aircraft prior to release for flight.Perform recovery flights and ferries aircraft to additional sites, such as depots.Perform troubleshooting procedures of aircraft on the ground and during flight and makes appropriate write-ups or gives verbal instructions to correct deficiencies.Verify forms and records used in the performance of maintenance to ensure they comply with work performed prior to ground or flight checks.Run-up aircraft for alert status to perform test on modifications.Deploy when required to support contract requirements when maintenance test flights are anticipated.Interpret meteorological data as it pertains to filing a flight plan for the navigational course of flight needed for a sortie and files a flight plan for all flights using authorized processes.Ferry flights as assignedEnsure proper documentation is chronicled.As qualified may perform as site safety specialist (only for the site where the Chief Pilot resides) and/or additional duties safety officer functions. May be designate as a Foreign Object Elimination/Foreign Object Debris (FOE/FOD) Program Administrator. Must be capable of Aircraft Technical Inspection (TI) as additional duty. May support AS9100-AS9110 internal audits, corrective action requests, assist section, department, and/or program in developing plans to correct identified shortfalls. May assist with continual improvement initiatives.As qualified may perform Aviation Safety Official duties as directedAs qualified may perform Chief or Lead pilot duties as designated by the Site Supervision.Perform other qualified duties as assigned

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