Helicopter Pro Flight Training

Pilot-Rotary Wing | Sarasota Florida, USA

Job Requirements

Our ideal candidate would have: 500+ hours of helicopter experience CFI+I Ratings SFAR R44 and R22 Instructor Endorsement Robinson Safety Course Computer skills Social media marketing skills A stable and balanced personal life A strong work ethic A commitment to the Company's overall success

Job Description

Owner-operated helicopter tour, training, and Part 135 operation in Sarasota, FL. We focus on safety and extraordinary customer satisfaction. We are looking for an exceptional pilot who can deliver excellent training at all levels and provide tour and Part 135 experiences that are rewarded with 5-star reviews.
This is not a time-building and move-on opportunity.
If you are looking for a work/lifestyle balance in a great location with excellent flying weather and a permanent position, consider Sarasota Helicopter. Your pay will be based on an annual salary that matches your experience and consideration given to your time commitment to the job.
Please only apply if you meet the job requirements.
Please include your annual salary requirements in your application

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