5 State Helicopters

Inventory/Parts | Fate Texas, USA

Job Requirements

Secondary school graduate certificate or equivalent years of relative experience required; post-secondary education (i.e. associatersquo;s degree) preferred. Minimum 5 years of broad-based experience in the fields of supply, distribution, warehousing, and packaging required. Former Military Aviation Tech Supply Specialists desired. Aviation Supply chain experience is required. Must be proficient with stock inventory automation. Must demonstrate proficiency in understanding aviation parts and common hardware and specifications of special metallurgical hardware and requirements. Proficient with Microsoft Office, ability to communicate both orally and written.

Job Description

Performs Aviation logistical support functions of Centerpointe Aerospace for Aviation parts and supplies.
Ensures aircraft operational readiness rates are met by ordering, accounting, stocking, issuing, transferring, and receiving spares and consumable parts and equipment.
Maintains warehouse inventory and performs automated parts operations as well as packaging materials for transport.
Ensures acquisition of materials is consistent with specifications outlined by OEM.
Must fully understand FAA requirements for using special tools and hardware that adhere to the required metallurgical specification.
Must be able to read and comprehend aviation repair catalog drawings, and tolerances.
Prepares material request packets, including documentation and specifications associated with purchase requests and purchase orders for requested supplies or services.
Utilize automated supply systems for material requests and inventory.
Receives, inspects, inventories, loads, segregates, issues, and delivers supply equipment.
Performs quality control inspections of all logistics receiving and shipping functions for all supply classes.
Coordinate diligently with departments, to ensure processes and procedures are followed and logistics information is submitted in a timely and accurate manner and reflects real-time data.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Ordering, receiving, inspecting, sorting, preserving, packaging, part picking, staging, and issuing materials utilizing automated logistics systems with a focus on Class III POL and Class IV Aviation
Must possess knowledge and experience using stock inventory automation systems using bar codes, bar code scanning systems, and bar code printers to establish locations, pick inventory, and prepare repair and return shipments. Assembles aircraft part repair kits and provides customer service for issues/returns.
Assists and understands the Storage Plan to ensure available space is utilized most efficiently.
Ability to read and understand Aviation Parts manuals, drawings, and illustrations depicting specialized parts and hardware used for Aviation applications.
Relies on Aviation knowledge and experience to manage AOG and Hi-Priority requests for parts and hardware used on each type of aircraft (UH60, SK58T, BK117).
Receives and inspects highly technical Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment to ensure proper maintenance and calibration services and that appropriate documentation validates these services.
Establishes and maintains an environmentally controlled facility for storage of HAZMAT POL to ensure maximum shelf life and provide proper storage temperature. Forecasts and reorders POL to ensure adequate supplies of POL are available to support operations.
Prepare and maintain required forms, records, correspondence, reports, and files; ensure proper documentation for accuracy; meet on-time metrics.
Load and unload material within a warehouse or storage facility; utilize hand trucks, forklifts, hoists, or other handling equipment to move material to and from and within the storage facility.
Analyze inventory and item demand to determine reorder levels to ensure stock availability and minimize inventory costs.
Inspect material upon delivery to verify delivered material matches order specifications; perform quality control; handle any delivery inconsistencies or delays; quarantine parts that fail inspection.

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