Pathfinder Aviation

Pilot-Rotary Wing | Anchorage Alaska, USA

Job Requirements

2000 hours PIC Helicopter 100 hours in type 10 hours in type in the last 12 months 100 hours helicopter in the last 12 months 100 hours longline/VR for AS350 positions All part 135 experience minimums met Cardable/Previously Carded in B212/Eagle 212 Single for fire positions Preferred: 3000 hours PIC Helicopter 300 hours in type 200 hours Longline/VR Carded in both AS350 and Bell 212/Eagle 212 Single Heli Ski experience in AS350 One season of Alaska utility experience

Job Description

Pathfinder Aviation is seeking a motivated individual for utility operations in Alaska and the Lower 48. Multiple positions are open for:
AS350 Precision Longline Pilot: Pathfinder has several diamond drill contracts for the 2024 season. Pilots work a variety of schedules based on company and customer needs. Most contract are multi-year, multi-aircraft. Previous experience with precision longline and diamond drill work is preferred.
B212HP/Eagle 212 Single Utility/Fire pilot: State and Federal contracts in Alaska and the lower 48 states. Pilots work varying schedules ranging from 12/12 to 12/2 over the contract period. Applicant must be previously carded or cardable in Bell 212HP and/or Eagle 212 Single (Bell 205/UH1 time applicable for some contracts). Experience in AS350 series aircraft a major plus for off season work/full time employment.
Job Highlights:

Paid travel from home to work location is provided
Extensive training for each contract
Contract and Full Time Positions Available
Most customers prefer a rotating schedule for pilots
Competitive pay

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