Aircraft Structures Mechanic – NDT

NorthropGrumman has openings for Aircraft Structures Mechanics with Non-DestructiveTesting Certifications to join our team of qualified, diverse individuals.These position will be located in Jacksonville, FL with detachment locationsboth CONUS and internationally. The selected candidate will troubleshoot,repair and service P-3 aircraft structures, components and engine systems.Conduct diagnosis of aircraft and systems malfunctions, performs maintenance,disassembly, rework, repair, replacement, re-assembly or adjustment of variousaircraft systems and components in accordance with technical specifications andengineering instructions. In addition to the aircraft structures mechanicqualification the candidate shall be certified to set up and calibratenondestructive testing equipment, conduct tests to ensure quality or detectdiscontinuities (defects) using NDT methods of inspection, establish techniquesfor proper examination of objects under inspection, ensuring strict adherenceto safety regulations, apply testing criteria in accordance with applicablespecifications or standards and evaluate results, interpret radiographs,cathode ray tube (CRT) or digital readouts, conductivity meters and visualindicators, organize and report test results, perform specialized inspections. Employeeshall maintain, inspect and repair U. S. Customs and Border Protection P-3aircraft structures, systems and components including, but not limited to T-56engines, 54H60-77 propellers, auxiliary power units, flight controls,hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel systems, oxygen and mechanical components.Candidate applies technical knowledge of airframe and power plant systems indetermining equipment malfunctions and applies technical expertise in restoringequipment condition and or operation. This candidate also applies professionaltechnical expertise and guidance to solve complex problems by interpretingtechnical data such as blueprints or manufacturer’s manuals / specifications.Work at this level requires a thoroughly comprehensive knowledge of P-3aircraft propulsion systems / component troubleshooting and repair proceduresand replacement and/or repair of components. Candidate should possess athorough knowledge of P-3 aircraft fuel systems and repair, with ability todetermine functionality of non-complex electrical systems and ability toprovide technical support to maintenance management, propulsion / airframeengineers and customers. Additional job duties are required but not limited to:performs corrosion control, preflight and post-flight maintenance inspections,fuel sampling, miscellaneous duties to service aircraft, tow and jack aircraft,enters in the maintenance records description of the work performed andverifies the work was performed satisfactorily, and other tasks as deemednecessary. Candidate could be responsible for providing and receiving guidanceand technical expertise to lower and from higher level technicians throughoutall aircraft maintenance and/or modification efforts.

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