Posts by: Oliver Johnson
features July 30, 2020 Can a helicopter fly on Mars?

With launch of the Mars 2020 spacecraft, the first aircraft to attempt powered flight on another world is now making its way to the Red Planet. And it’s a helicopter.

features July 27, 2020 Tropic wonder: Kenya’s Tropic Air

Kenya’s Tropic Air has developed an outsized reputation for its spectacular heli-safaris, which offer clients some truly unique experiences.

features July 6, 2020 Ecocopter: Coloring the sky

Ecocopter may have one of the most eye-catching fleets in the world, but the Chilean operator has greater ambitions than simply showing off spectacular liveries.

features October 18, 2019 From sea to sky: Blackcomb Helicopters

Blackcomb Helicopters performs high profile and highly technical work in one of the biggest recreation regions in Canada — British Columbia’s spectacular Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

features September 12, 2019 Behind the scenes with West Coast Helicopters

Whether flying loggers to remote forestry camps or high-end wilderness tourists to luxury resorts, West Coast Helicopters has established a reputation for quality along British Columbia’s rugged coastline.