Posts by: Dayna Fedy
features December 20, 2019 Engineer, build, fly: ICARUS Aero

Specializing in engineering designs for aircraft parts or repairs, ICARUS Aero Inc. is passionate about providing operators with products and services that are not otherwise available in the market.

features November 12, 2019 A beacon of hope: Mercy Flight

For non-profit air medical provider Mercy Flight, it’s not about the money; at the end of each day, it’s about doing everything possible to provide supreme care to people in need.

features September 3, 2019 Restoring the legacy: U.S. Aviation Training Solutions

Under new ownership and now known as U.S. Aviation Training Solutions, the former Bristow Academy is aiming to continue the legacy of excellence in flight training it has established over more than 30 years in operation.

features August 12, 2019 Above and beyond SAR training: Air Rescue Concepts

For Air Rescue Concepts of Hurricane, Utah, training people to perform helicopter search-and-rescue operations safely is viewed as more of a hobby, because it’s what the team loves to do.

features August 7, 2019 Dedicated SAR training: SR3 Rescue Concepts

In response to losing a friend/coworker during a helicopter rescue operation in 2013, instructors Dave Callen and Jason Connell have made it their goal to reduce preventable search-and-rescue-related accidents.

features May 17, 2019 Interior improvement: Aerotex

Aerotex has been looking after helicopter and fixed-wing interiors for the last 25 years, helping make aircraft more comfortable and safer to fly.

features April 5, 2019 Managing the weight: Helitowcart

Helitowcart has been providing global helicopter operators with towing products for the last 18 years with a modest, but efficient team.