Posts by: Dan Megna
features September 21, 2020 Firefighting in a pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is presenting an additional challenge for firefighters, who are having to implement new measures and tactics as they battle a late-blooming wildfire season.

features June 16, 2020 Flying through the pandemic

How helicopter operators are adapting their work and their workplaces to adjust to the new reality of living through a pandemic.

features February 27, 2020 Multi-mission masters: Travis County STAR Flight

Operating in almost every parapublic sector, Travis County STAR Flight keeps surrounding communities safe with a confident crew and unwavering support from the Greater Austin first responders.

features February 3, 2020 Powered up: San Diego Gas & Electric

With an H145, S-64 Aircrane and UH-60 Black Hawk in its fleet, San Diego Gas & Electric’s Aviation Services department has power to spare.

features April 9, 2019 Rising to the challenge: Goodrich hoist

Now part of the new aviation technology giant Collins Aerospace, the Goodrich hoist and winch business is actively shaping the future of hoist operations.

features March 18, 2019 Air Center Helicopters: All In

With its recent acquisition of 17 Airbus H225s for utility work, Air Center Helicopters is betting big that opportunity lies in taking the road less traveled.

features January 15, 2019 Modifying the Black Hawk

With an ever-increasing number of former U.S. Army Black Hawks appearing in the commercial world, we look at the growing pool of modifications available to help tailor them to their new roles.

features November 29, 2018 A classic act: Classic Air Medical

Classic Air Medical has grown considerably since its humble beginnings on the shores of Lake Powell, but its culture and focus remain largely unchanged.