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Mockup issue of Vertical magazine.

Vertical Magazine

The premier magazine for extensive, in-depth coverage of the civil helicopter industry, Vertical magazine is the industry's "insider" publication. Published six times a year, Vertical provides a front-line, in-the-air, on-the-ground perspective with stories from some of the leading writers in the helicopter industry.

Backed by stunning photography and groundbreaking design, Vertical focuses on the sectors, operators, and equipment in the rotary-wing world that interest and affect you most. Regular features include helicopter operator profiles, industry reports, flight test profiles, maintenance articles, new product releases, and avionics and industry news.

Vertical Valor Magazine

Building on Vertical's established standards and reputation for excellence, Vertical Valor is targeted specifically toward parapublic, air medical, and military helicopter operators, with a special focus on the knowledge and technology that further their missions of public service. In addition to the from-the-field reporting and spectacular photography for which Vertical is famous, Vertical Valor incorporates regular columns and features from subject matter experts, who have unique insights into the challenges faced by the helicopter industry's "first responders."

While Vertical Valor has a strong North American focus, we travel far and wide to bring readers the stories that matter. Vertical Valor is distributed to a carefully selected list of industry professionals and devoted subscribers, with additional distribution at the industry's most important tradeshows.

Mockup issue of Vertical Valor magazine.