2016 Vertical Photo Contest Winners

2016 Photo Contest - Check out the winners and their amazing photos below

Grand Prize Winner

Joshua Vest - Photo

1st Place

Joshua Vest - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Grand Prize Winner
Joshua Vest

Joshua Vest, 35, is a member of NAS Whidbey Island’s search-and-rescue team, and enjoys taking photos of the surrounding Washington State area. He takes most of his photos from the air.

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Military Winners

Paul Harvey - Photo

1st Place

Paul Harvey - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Military First Place Winner
Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey, 49, is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and has been photographing aircraft for about 38 years. He usually works in and around Ireland and the U.K., and is currently part of the Apron Media team.

Johannes Heyn - Photo

2nd Place

Johannes Heyn - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Military Second Place Winner
Johannes Heyn

Johannes Heyn is an aircraft mechanic from Eilenburg, Germany, who turned his hobby of photography and postproduction into a career. His connection to aviation and specifically helicopters was established during the time he served with the Air Transport Group of Helicopter Wing 64 at Holzdorf Air Base.

Utah Jack - Photo

3rd Place

Utah Jack - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Military Third Place Winner
Utah Jack

Utah Eheler (also known as Utah Jack) lives on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. He is an avid outdoorsman and a five-year standing member of Chilliwack Search and Rescue. He has a passion for photography and enjoys capturing aviation-related rescues.

Beauty Winners

Julien Sollberger - Photo

1st Place

Julien Sollberger - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Beauty First Place Winner
Julien Sollberger

Julien Sollberger is a freelance action sports photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland, between the French and Swiss Alps.For the past three years he has spent a lot of time photographing skydivers and helicopters with Chamonix Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères and Mont-Blanc Skydive. For him, flying and shooting in the Mont-Blanc massif is living a dream.

Paul Sadler - Photo

2nd Place

Paul Sadler - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Beauty Second Place Winner
Paul Sadler

Paul Sadler, 41, lives in Australia’s capital – Canberra. Awarded as the country’s aviation photographer of the year in 2014 by the National Aviation Press Club, Paul has been capturing images of helicopters for more than 25 years and currently works as a freelance photographer and writer.

Evan Welsh - Photo

3rd Place

Evan Welsch- Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Beauty Third Place Winner
Evan Welsch

Fifteen years of lighting concert stages and skiing in the winter months is a tough life to give up. An opportunity to wrench on helicopters was the only thing convincing enough for Evan Welsch. He says he is green to the industry via an A&P ticket and even greener via camera, but working in the utility helicopter world has given him some unique points of view — and ample opportunity to shoot photos.

At Work Winners

Tom Østrem - Photo

1st Place

Tom Østrem - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 At Work First Place Winner
Tom Østrem

Tom Andreas Østrem, 33, is a helicopter pilot in scenic Norway, where he lives his childhood dream and shares it with the rest of the world through social media. As well as being a pilot, he works on another passion — flight safety. “The most important thing after all is getting safely home to my beautiful little family every time,” he says.

Larry Hamill  - Photo

2nd Place

Larry Hamill  - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 At Work Second Place Winner
Larry Hamill

Larry Hamill has had the privilege of photographing MedFlight helicopters for over 20 years. His has taken shots of the operator across Ohio, in all seasons and weather conditions.

Robert Niederwolfgruber - Photo

3rd Place

Robert Niederwolfsgruber - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 At Work Third Place Winner
Robert Niederwolfsgruber

Robert lives in a small village in the westernmost part of Austria. In the winter, he works in a ski resort, and in the summer he is a scaffolder. He has been taking photos for nine years, during which time it has become his passion — though he describes himself as “only a hobby photographer.” Helicopters and landscapes are his favorite subjects, and his biggest dream is to perform an air-to-air shoot.

Readers Choice Winner

Chris Blanton - Photo

1st Place

Chris Blanton - Vertical Photo Contest 2016 Readers Choice Winner
Chris Blanton

Originally from California, Chris Blanton works in the New York area as a helicopter pilot for NYONair, specializing in aerial photography and cinematography. He enjoys amateur photography and shoots with his iPhone whenever something catches his eye.

Honourable Mentions

Photo By: Andreas Eder

Photo By: Andrzej Rogucki

Photo By: Andrzej Rogucki

Photo By: Andrzej Rogucki

Photo By: Andrzej Rutkowski

Photo By: Bartosz Bera

Photo By: Brad Legare

Photo By: Bryan Hamilton

Photo By: Chi Yin Liao

Photo By: Domenico Marchi

Photo By: Francois Charest

Photo By: Fred Benoit

Photo By: Garin Klinker

Photo By: Garin Klinker

Photo By: Jean Francois Dupont

Photo By: Lloyd Horgan

Photo By: Lloyd Horgan

Photo By: Marianne Gjertsen

Photo By: Matthew Melsness

Photo By: Ognyan Stefanov

Photo By: Pascal Van Uffelen

Photo By: Pascal Van Uffelen

Photo By: Phil Carpenter

Photo By: Ray U

Photo By: Richard Chapuis

Photo By: Rino Zigerlig

Photo By: Robert Niederwolfsgruber

Photo By: Sebastian Diernaz

Photo By: Tomas Kika

Photo By: Tomas Kika

Photo By: Tomas Kika